Thursday, June 6, 2013

Epic Castle Never exploit - skip the first three bosses and farm away.

This very detailed Castle Never guide was submitted by pocket, and will help you skip all the boring stuff - allowing one to complete the epic dungeon in under 20 minutes.

Combined with the Guardian Fighter exploits that are currently all the rage, an all GF group can greatly reduce this time, resulting in a very FAST (and very profitable) Epic Castle Never run.


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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Yet another Guardian Fighter exploit. Virtual immortality, unlimited AP, and insane damage.

So apparently the Guardian Fighter is Cryptic's pet class. This exploit submitted by Reno81 really lead to a lot of fun. An all GF group can almost instantly destroy any dungeon. No need for any other class - ever. They would just slow you down.

I would also like to thank Reno81 for inviting me into a GF clear group. It was fun, and so fast that I didn't even know what happened.

MMOG fails, try this out bro. I guarantee you will laugh your ass off. Also combine with the GF set exploit for even more hilarity. 
Get 5 GF's all using the following skills - THEY FCUKING STACK TROLOLOL.
Into The Fray gives you unlimited dailies because it fucking stacks IT STACKS with every other GF in your god damn group!!!!!
Villains Menace gives you epic AoE and godly damage, and with everyone spamming - ZOMG.
Fighters Recovery makes sure you never die by leaching thousands of HP per fucking hit.
Make sure to stack this with the Knight Captain set bonus bug and you can shit all over a boss faster than after eating a jalapeno White Castle slider.

Peace out

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Been a bit busy. Read below for some new and fun bugs/exploits.

Hi all,

No I am not dead, no Cryptic did not hire ninja assassins to take me out (although I am sure they think it's a great idea Rob). Been incredibly busy with reading all this delicious hate mail, which just stopped coming in yesterday. That's right, yesterday was my first day without receiving any hate mail for exposing and getting Cryptic to patch the dupe methods.

Total hate-mail I received you ask? 627. Six hundred and twenty seven. I read/skimmed ALL of it and put it in my special folder to feed on later.

With that out of the way, hopefully real exploits will start coming through. I am sure I missed a few of them seeing as how I had to sort through SIX HUNDRED TWENTY SEVEN hate mails.

Oh, and as a side note, none of these exploits are discovered by me. They have all been submitted by readers just like you. The more you know*.

On to the exploits:

This little tidbit originally comes from Anon, who has been sending me quite a few things.
The exploit below lets you easily fuse any runes/enchantments you want.

How about never having to use a coalescent ward when fusing stuff? Easily done!
1) Place a stack of 5 rank 1 runes in the right side of the inventory (I place it on left because the fuse window gets in the way otherwise)
2) Have your rank 6+ runes  next to the rank 1s that you'll be fusing
3) Hit "Fuse" to fuse your rank 1
4) WHILE you can see the progress bar indicating that the Rank 1s are fusing, SWITCH where the Rank 1s were in your inventory to the Rank 6+
5) Congrats, you now fused your Rank 6+ with a 95% fusing chance

This works with Enchantments as well! You wanted me make a Greater Vorpal without spending money on blue wards? This is the way. Also, if you think 95% chance of fusing isn't high enough, use a green ward (preservation ward) when fusing that Rank 1/shard/lesser/normal/Greater and even if by chance that Rank 1 fails, you won't consume your high level rune/enchantment that you'll be doing this trick with.



He also submitted that TR's can still dual wield 2 main hand weapons (Master Duelist Long Dagger), and this allows the TR to have multiple weapon enchantments. Pretty handy.

Next up is the Guardian Fighter damage bug originally submitted by MarkoPaolo.

Dude did you know that the Knight Captain set is bugged? It has a 25% chance of increasing your groups power by 60%, and IT STACKS with other GF's using this set. Got 3 GF friends with this set and we spent the entire day just running dungeons.

3 GF's in KC sets and the dps PWNZORS. Shit was dying faster than we could attack it.

Finally is yet another AH exploit. This allows you to buy out whatever auctions have expired for free. Thanks to Dmanthey and many others for this information.

Lol go try this out. Wait till an auction is about to expire, when the timer counts down to 1, wait a few seconds and bid/buy it out. You just got the item for free. No AD lost. Pretty sure it screws over whoever the seller was. Not sure though. Epic programming win from Cryptic!

Confirmed - Yes it does screw over the seller. They won't get their earned AD.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Neverwinter update - Item duplication, a Great Weapon Fighter immortality exploit, and more.

Will Neverwinter ever run out of game breaking bugs? I'd like to think so, but if your steady stream of e-mail tips are any indication - it won't be for a while.

User Dan brought the following Great Weapon Fighter invulnerability exploit to my attention:

This exploit makes you completely invulnerable for 5 seconds and can easily be repeated during that time. This means that you can be permainvul! Great fun in PvP!

Need the following:
Great Weapon Fighter with the Avalanche of Steel Ability.
Your Utility Power
Full Action Points

Ensure that you have the Avalanche of Steel Ability on your HUD with full action points. Now use your Avalanche of Steel ability, but as soon as you use it, cancel it by using your utility power (which is sprint) before the ability finished the cast time. You can do this simultaneously, so you can activate the ability and then immediately sprint forwards after.
This can be macroed. All damage would be mitigated and you would lose aggro for a total of five seconds. Remember you can do this again before the five second period is up, to obtain permanent invulnerability.

User Mark sent me the following item duplication exploit video:

Edit the stack of whatever you wish to 99. This only works with items that can stack up, so don't try using gear.
Go to any merchant and try to sell the stack. You won't be able to. Go to the mailbox and try to send it. You won't be able to. Now go place it on the AH and it will let you. If it sells, good you made money. If it doesn't sell, good since you will get back a full stack. It is very important that you try to sell it first, and then mail it. Otherwise it won't let you do this.
Update: Since the AH was taken down for such a lengthy period of time, I am pretty sure this will be fixed once it comes back up.

User Shane sent me the following speed running exploit for the Frozen Heart:

To skip boss you must kill one of frozen orbs to open gate behind him. You can do it even without doing any dmg to boss.
To do it simply run to the wall behind him which leads to the next bosses, on the right side there is ice path you can jump-walk on to get to the orb platform, here is how it looks like:

Get there, kill orb, jump from platform, run to the last campfire as before patch, kill last boss.
You don't even have to kill ice golems from crystals near final boss gate, all you need to do is to have one ranged kill them from far away, golems will not aggro and gates will open.
Remember that this is long rush, so run all together in case someone dies you can fast res him.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cryptic just can't catch a break. Epic level 60 sets usable at level 38, and more!

It seems like more and more evidence of Cryptic's severe incompetence is shining through every day.

This time the user ScottyG submitted this very lovely picture of Guardian Fighters being able to use their EPIC T1 (level 60) gear at level 38.  This of course works wonders in PvP, allowing them to completely dominate the 30 through 59 PvP bracket, as well as making leveling a breeze.

Due to the current economy these sets are also dirt cheap, and some items can be bought by completing just a few dailies.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg, as Brad pointed out - the Trickster Rogues are able to wield certain main-hand weapons in their off hand. This in turn allows them to stack enhancements, and makes for a nice advantage in both PvP and PvE.

I am also getting a lot of hilarious screenshots of braless (and nippleless) nude female characters running around Protector's Enclave. I would usually dismiss these screenshots as fan fiction, had I not seen it myself upon logging in to check on the GF gear bug.
While I have no idea how it's done, the end result is hilarious.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cryptic's incompetence shines through once more.

As more and more reports of item duplication pour in (with little proof), so do quite a bit of exploits that exist only because of poor game design.

So today we will be exploring these in more detail.

The top three questions/comments that I received (other than item dupe requests that is) are listed below.

Chris (and 12 others) asked me the following question:
Q: I see people advertising groups for precleared DD. What does this mean? It always happens before a Dungeon Delves event. Anything to do with it? Is it some kind of an exploit?
A: Well Chris, you answered your own question. DD stands for Dungeon Delves, and having it precleared, means to pre-clear the dungeon up to the final boss. After this is done, simply wait until the Dungeon Delves event starts and have your group log out and back in (not all at the same time obviously) - so you are placed at the beginning of the dungeon. This will allow you to quickly run through the pre-cleared (empty) dungeon, up to the final boss, and kill it.
This means that you can clear two or more dungeons during the Dungeons Delves event and get multiple DD chests as rewards. So at level 60, you can easily get two or more epics instead of just the one that you would normally get. I have no idea why there isn't a check in place to make sure that each boss is killed during a Dungeon Delves event for the chest to be clickable. My guess? Poor game design.

Dan (and 9 others) asked me the following question:
Q: I outleveled an area and the quest chain I was on stopped. I can't continue. What happens next? Is there something I can do to continue questing?
A: I am sorry to tell you this, but nothing. Cryptic in their infinite wisdom level locked each area (including dungeon and skirmish). Now while you can manually enter an over-leveled dungeon, you can't reliably get quests from an NPC. I have seen people spam in /zone and ask for someone to share the next quest, but that really isn't a solution. There are so many quests in each zone that doing this will drive you bonkers. Chalk this up to more poor game design.

Rage of the week:
Chuck and (and 17 others) e-mailed me the following comment:
C: Did you know that a group leader can KICK PEOPLE OUT anytime they want? You can be on the final boss of a dungeon and they can kick you so you don't roll against them! You can be in PvP and they can kick you when you almost won! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG with this stupid ass game? Why are they allowed to do this shit? Why is there no vote kick! FUCKING CRAPTIC.
A: Yes, yes, give into your rage. Strike down your old master and join me.... Oh wait...
Yes I know about this. I think everyone in game does. As a group's leader, you have the ability to kick anyone and at any time. The best part is when you are kicked from a dungeon after killing the final boss during a Dungeon Delves event, since that not only robs you of the bosses drops - but also of your Dungeon Delves chest.
This is yet another moronic example of Cryptic's lack of game design knowledge.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Item duplication discovered in Neverwinter - Myth or fact?

Just today I received 37 e-mails regarding duping in Neverwinter, but not a single shred of evidence on the matter. It was all hearsay with very little substance. If your sisters friends brothers uncle duped something, go ask him how he did it and share.

For now I believe this simply to be a rumor, because after almost nine hours of trying to reproduce every reported dupe, or following up on a mention of one - I failed.

If anyone knows anything that can help, please get in touch.

As always - Have anymore bugs or exploits to share? Please e-mail them to this address:

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Good try by Cryptic, but a few things still fell through.

I am fairly impressed with today's patch. Cryptic fixed a lot of exploits (A LOT), and actually tried to combat hex/memory editors like Cheat Engine.They somewhat succeeded too.

If I had to guess, I would say there are now some server side checks in place that prevent extreme exploitation, but "normal" values still seem to sneak through (somewhat).

Here is a good video by the great Chuck Norris himself, that shows off the fun he is having modifying his Rogue's stealth meter.

I also have a similar video of the Cleric's Divinity recharging just as fast, however the user did not edit out his name, and after I pointed that out - well, it was taken down. It should come back up... Eventually...?

I spent quite a while trying to get the Guardian Fighter's Guard meter to refill, but was unable to do it. I also couldn't give any of my characters limitless stamina (shift ability), BUT tomorrow is another day - and I will have plenty of time to dig deep into the changes that took place.

For now go ahead and grab the 64 bit version of Cheat Engine (NOT the 32 bit version), and see what fun things you can do.

As always - Have anymore bugs or exploits to share? Please e-mail them to this address:

More Neverwinter client side exploits discovered - Stealth and (possibly) Divinity.

I would like to say thank you to all of those sending me all sorts of bugs and exploits. You are amazing! I am sorry if I did not personally reply to you, but getting a few dozen e-mails a day is a lot of reading. I promise that I WILL eventually reply to every serious one I receive.

Now lets move on.

A lot of you sent me reports that the Devoted Cleric's Divinity and Trickster Rogues Stealth are also client side, however no one sent me any video links, and things like that are hard to prove in a screenshot.
So I did some looking into this yesterday before today's maintenance.

I can confirm 100% that TR Stealth is client side. I was unable to reproduce the "always stealthed" exploit that people reported, however I managed to find one that almost instantly refilled my stealth. I then proceeded to do some boss farming, and the TR does not disappoint. The Spider Queen stood no chance against me... As she plummeted to her doom (lol sorry, couldn't help myself on that one, plus being able to get to the final boss in about a minute is also a big boon).
The real benefit to this would be in PvP, however I did not wish to tempt fate by being reported there.

As for the DC's Divinity - I don't actually have a DC anymore. Cryptic managed to ban my account with that toon on there. No big deal, I only have four more untouched accounts that I used to mule after exploiting quest sharing to get them all to 60.
But if Stealth is client side, Divinity most likely is as well. Caligula sent me many time stamped screenshots showing him literally spamming powers in Divinity mode over and over. If someone wants to look further into this, grab yourself a copy of Cheat Engine (64) and go for it.

I am also getting reports that skill cooldowns are client side, but was unable to confirm it before the servers went down.

As always - Have anymore bugs or exploits to share? Please e-mail them to this address:

Edit: Would anyone be interested in seeing the hate e-mail I receive? Some of it is pretty damn hilarious. Most of these people rage hard because I gave out an exploit they used and they don't want it patched.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another day, another Neverwinter exploit. This time it's virtual immortality and the ability to almost instantly kill your target.

As a bonus, it has apparently been abused since the Founder head start... Just like most of them. The Guardian Fighter is once again given the ability to one shot enemies, but this time God mode is included as well.

Now I really didn't want to pick on Neverwinter today. Honestly, I already had a Trion post partially typed up - but when I discovered this little tidbit, I just had to share.

Guardian fighters have a little feat called Reckless Attacker.
Carefully take a look at what it does: You gain bonus Power proportional to how much Guard meter you have remaining. When your Guard meter is full you gain 100% additional Power.
Seeing as how we can use Cheat Engine and set our Guard to be whatever we want, try setting it at a few thousand. Now freeze it. Congratulations, you just won the game.

Instantly kill ANY enemy in the game while being completely immune yourself. The video I was asked not to share showed a Guardian Fighter solo clearing Epic Castle Never and all mobs within in less than 10 minutes.

So there you go Guardian Fighters, you can once again be superman!

When will MMOG developers learn? If you commit to not wiping the game (basically making it live), do not release it with so many bugs and expect them to never surface.
No proof, but possible/probable:
I had this exact tip from 7 different people, so I don't want to disregard it... But I saw no screenshot or video proof.
If you are a Trickster Rogue, you can use your Cloud of Steel forever by freezing the value in Cheat Engine to it's maximum valid number.
Edit: I was unable to reproduce the CoF bug, but that does not mean it's not real.

Have anymore bugs or exploits to share? Please e-mail them to this address:

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Client side exploits, Neverwinter, and you.

Courtesy of Blabbermouth and MMOwned. This script was created by: Dragonef22

Unlimited teleport, slide, and roll. (CW, DC, and TR).

Compile the following code using Bloodshed C++ (or your C++ compiler of choice).

#include <Windows.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <tlhelp32.h>
#include <tchar.h>

using namespace std;

HWND windowhandle=0;

DWORD modulebase=0;
HANDLE hopen=0;

HANDLE prozessauf();
DWORD GetModuleBase(LPSTR lpModuleName);
DWORD getadr(DWORD address, HANDLE hopen);
void setadr(DWORD address, int value, HANDLE hopen);

int main()

    SetConsoleTitle("Neverwinter - Mageteleporthack - by Dragonef22"); 
    cout<<"Updated for 21.05.2013";
    DWORD adress=0;
    DWORD teleportadress=0;
    adress=adress+modulebase+0x024F50B0;     // GameClient.exe+startoffset
    adress=adress+0x244; // Offset Nr. 0
    adress=adress+0x6f8; // Offset Nr. 1
    adress=adress+0x18; // Offset Nr. 2
    adress=adress+0x9c; // Offset Nr. 3
    teleportadress=adress+0x244; // Teleportresource

    // Full Teleportresource = 1120403456 - set it

HANDLE prozessauf() 

    HWND hwar3=::FindWindow(NULL,"Neverwinter");
    TID = ::GetWindowThreadProcessId (hwar3, &PID);
    return hopen;

DWORD GetModuleBase(LPSTR lpModuleName)
    DWORD dwProcessId,TID;
    HWND hwar3=::FindWindow(NULL,"Neverwinter");
    TID = ::GetWindowThreadProcessId (hwar3, &dwProcessId);
   MODULEENTRY32 lpModuleEntry = {0};
   HANDLE hSnapShot = CreateToolhelp32Snapshot(TH32CS_SNAPMODULE, dwProcessId);
      return 0;
   lpModuleEntry.dwSize = sizeof(lpModuleEntry);
   BOOL bModule = Module32First( hSnapShot, &lpModuleEntry );
      if(!strcmp( lpModuleEntry.szModule, lpModuleName ) )
         return (DWORD)lpModuleEntry.modBaseAddr;
      bModule = Module32Next( hSnapShot, &lpModuleEntry );
   CloseHandle( hSnapShot );
   return 0;

// Value eines Adresswerts auslesen

DWORD getadr(DWORD address, HANDLE hopen)
    int value =0;
    return value;
void setadr(DWORD address, int value, HANDLE hopen)
    WriteProcessMemory(hopen, (LPVOID*)(DWORD) (address), &value, sizeof(value), NULL);

If you don't want to compile it (to make sure it is virus free), download it here or here.

Basically as long as it's running, you have unlimited teleporting as a CW, slides as a DC, and rolls as a TR.

The video that was sent to me as proof is no longer up, so I won't link to it. I am also too lazy to make and upload one myself.
Solid Snake sent me another video of this "exploit" in action. Fast forward to the 50 second mark and watch from there.

Have a Guardian Fighter? Don't fret. Use the 64 bit version of Cheat Engine (32 bit can be detected as Neverwinter is a 32 bit application that can scan for other 32b apps), and search for your guard value.
Set it to 100 (more if you want, but that is detectable), now enjoy unlimited blocking from the front. You are now literally immortal as long as you block.

Have fun, enjoy, and thank Cryptic for making the same rookie mistake that Trion did with Defiance.

Never, EVER trust the client. That is programming 101... Which Cryptic and Trion apparently failed.

Have anymore bugs or exploits to share? Please e-mail them to this address:

Neverwinter rollback and banwave dubbed a success - Enjoy your cat cape!

Looks like this banwave and rollback didn't really do anything as zone chat still has people selling cats, and internal guild chatter as well as Reddit confirm that only the minority of those that exploited were caught.

If you were using this exploit before it went mainstream (you know, at launch), you did not get caught. If you converted your AD to Zen (before the exploit went public) you also did not get caught. Because as we all know, a 7 hour rollback can fix things that have been exploited for over 30 days.

But hey, enjoy your cat cape you all!

Here is a gift for anyone that lost crafting progress during the rollback:
Automatically and undetectably level your crafting. Now there is no need for scripts, this program will do it for you.

Have anymore bugs or exploits to share? Please e-mail them to this address:

Monday, May 20, 2013

Picking on Neverwinter yet again - This is what a quick google search of "Neverwinter Exploit" turned up.

Wow, Cryptic just can't catch a break.

Doing a quick google search for Neverwinter Exploit, I stumbled upon the following exploits for you to enjoy.

Boss exploits:

To jump directly to the last camp fire in the Spider Dungeon you have to climb the right railing/rocks near the entrance to the spider temple. Once atop the rocks you will see a small opening with a greenish abyss below this is what you will be jumping into, now onto the actual exploits.

Last Camp single jump-
Have everyone from your party stand on the rock ledge just above the abyss. Only have one person take the leap. Have the party member type /unstuck when they are far enough away from the group. This has a chance to warp you to the last campfire. It's very random but if you fail your group will end up at First Campfire by the first boss so it's ok either way.

First Camp Fire-
See Above most known method directly ports to first boss after falling for 5-6 seconds simply type /unstuck

Second Camp Fire-
If you're unfortunate enough to not make the final boss campfire there is another chance to skip content. After killing first boss the room immediately following his gate has another jump point. Open the gate and hug left wall do not aggro ANYTHING in this room. There will be a tall jagged rock pillar have your group climb that then face left wall. You will see a pillar between you and the ledge, the pillar with have small hook like stones. Hop on to the first hook then half hop onto the second hook and finally unto ledge. You will see abyss below you here you only fall for a VERY short amount of time so jump type /unstuck and about 1 second later hit enter. This will take to Second camp fire right before egg sac spider room.

Big thanks to Mark for the methods above.

A. Spider Queen

To 1 shot this boss you must do the following:

1. Jump on the Brige sidewall next to the Spider door enterance (yes you dont need to fase encounter now)
2. Lure boss to the lege and just fall with boss
3. Jump again same spot spam F pick loot.

B. Castle Never

Here you can drag ALL boses backwards and they stop spawning adds!
You can do this to last boss as well, you just jump on brige sideways and lure Dragon out of the cage.

C. Frozen heart

Yes last boss Frozen giant prob the bigest pain anyone fased (after brain boss), but using this exploit he is a pushover. First of all make sure to skip everything via the usual campfire activations we do in all dungeons. This one even has a boss that can be skipped.

1. Use rogue to Jump inside instance without entering with group gate.
2. Priest/CW must jump on the "ICE blocks near instance"
3. Rogue lures boss to the entrance of the "boss encounter" entrance
4. Atack boss to the death and let 1 group member kite all adds throught all the instance till they get bugged and stop move.
5. Kill all bugged adds (or you wont be able get Dungeon delves chest)

D. Pirate instace

Here you can literaly skip Boss 2 for dungeon delves speed runs (you can make 4 runs+1 long instance)

E. Spell plague

Last boss is kinda easy with "Proper control"
To farm this boss use 2rogues 2cleric +1 cw group.

1. cw must have:
1.1 Repel on Tab
1.2 Ice trase
1.3 Shield
1.4 Steal time

All encounter u have to put Ise trace in cleric sircle, freeze addds and knock them with Repel. Very easy this way. not even need blackholes.

Quick blue ingredient farm:

In the first solo dungeon you do in Neverwinter (it's called the Hall of Justice Vaults).
In these vaults the first node you come across is a rogue node which is you can loot for free as a rogue. It's the third group off in a dead-end area. All you need to do is create a rogue any kind will be fine. Kill your way to that node loot in and run back out. Reentering you'll reset the dungeon and you may procede to repeat it for crafting materials. Most times the loot sucks, but I left it overnight with an AH script and came back to find I had over 100 blue materials.
Sold everything that I didn't need for a few hundred thousand AD.

Ban wave failed:

Great picture here and here
Mule accounts were not hit, and people are still playing around with their AD.

Another damage bug:

Greater Plague Enchantments do not properly stack with Ray of Enfeeblement. Get a few people with GPE and a CW with RoE in tab slot and farm bossess like a boss. Stuff will literally melt away as your damage will reach epic proportions.

There you have it people, just 15 minutes of googling lead me to plenty more exploits.

Good job Cryptic! Winrar is you!

Have anymore bugs or exploits to share? Please e-mail them to this address:

Cryptic and Perfect World failed big time. Neverwinter is a buggy, exploitable mess of a game - which IMHO, can only be fixed by a complete server wipe.

 Neverwinter may be the buggiest, most exploitable MMOG out yet, however some of the bugs are not Cryptic's first. Yesterday the team had to shut down servers and rollback their game to (unsuccessfully) combat an Auction House exploit that allowed people to make billions of Astral Diamonds (in game currency that is tradable for Zen - real money).

To put things into perspective, Cryptic previously failed in Star Trek Online, only to bring the exact same bug to Neverwinter.

Moreover, there have countless MAJOR exploits in Neverwinter to date. Better yet, most of these were reported to Cyptic during the closed beta.
Note: The author of this screenshot, a Redditor who wishes to remain anonymous said he had to change the Created tab to something else to mask his account. Having seen the original screenshot, I can tell you it was submitted more than 16 days ago.

Just for fun, I listed some Neverwinter exploits listed below. Yes, the game actually launched with this many confirmed/reported issues.

 1 - AH exploit - This is what all the current fuss and server rollbacks were about. Through this exploit one can earn unlimited AD and simply clean out the AD vendors, as well as buy up all the Zen they wanted. The funny thing is, their rollback did nothing; as I knew of people with early access that were already taking advantage of this ridiculous feat of programming.

2 - Quest sharing exploit - This allowed you to reach level 60 in about an hour of playing. It also allowed people to farm unlimited bags, assets, and materials. It was discovered and reported in closed beta, but still made it in. It also still works for some quests as confirmed by Tault Unleashed.

3 - Foundry bugs - Were used to gain max level and farm gear.

4 - The CW set bonus bug allowing them to hit for millions points of damage. This was a very minor bug, but it still allowed a team of two or more CW's to farm end game content.

5 - The GF set bug - Yet another set bug that allowed the GF to almost instantly kill any mob in the game. A lot more consistent than the CW set bug, and caused a lot of damage to the economy.

6 - Chest farming exploits - These are still in the game and allow people to farm easy money, as well as gear and ingredients.

7 - There is already a bot out for Neverwinter that members of Tault Unleashed have been using. Currently it can be made to level or exploit chests. They are working on having it take care of professions and auto pray for you as well. It is completely undetectable due to Neverwinter's faulty code. The same bot has been use in Cryptic's other games for years.

8 - TR DC bug - This was used mostly in PvP to instantly disconnect anyone the TR targeted with certain abilities. It allowed all TR groups to quickly win matches in the least amount of time possible.

9 - Potion exploit - Basically you can have unlimited healing potions - not much of an exploit since you can accomplish the same thing easier by using any other AD earning exploit and buying potions.

10 - AutoHotkey - Macro software that allows you to easily max your crafting. Once again undetecable by Crytpic's games.

11 - AFK PvP groups - creating a few accounts and making an AFK group (managed by AutoHotkey or the Viper bot), you can quickly earn XP and gear while you sleep.

12 - Their support site has not worked since launch. That's right, you can't even request a refund or report bugs through it! It gets stuck in an infinite loop after you log in to submit a ticket.

13 - Dungeon exploits - There are plenty of ways to exploit dungeons to severely shorten the time required to beat them. Reaching the end boss can be cut down from 45+ minutes, to less than 5.

14 - Boss exploits - Easily kill dungeon bosses over and over for loot and seals, then reset them and do it again.

15 - There is another armor set bug which gives everyone in the party stats that are above and beyond what you can get without cheating.

16 - Diamond chest exploit - Sometimes the chest received from statue turn ins did not disappear after use, meaning it could be used 20+ more times before it went away. This bug is STILL in the game.

Have anymore bugs or exploits to share? Please e-mail them to this address:

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The purpose of this blog is to simply call out and display all the fails that MMOG's have succumbed to as of late, so

Have any news on MMOG fails? Exploits? Cheats? Hacks? Poor treatment of customers?

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