Thursday, January 25, 2018

Star Wars: The Old Republic has long been in maintenance mode, and there are just no good news for the MMO.

I received quite a few e-mails from angry gamers about the "false advertisement scam" Bioware pulled, which promised great rewards to those that subscribed, only to later reveal that it was a launcher bug - advertising a promotion from a while back.

Yes, that's right. The launcher had incorrect information, and Bioware/EA is refusing to do anything about it. In fact, apparently any promotion offered due to a "bug, glitch, mistake", or that "was not authorized", will not be honored. Yep, EA can advertise whatever they want, and then claim it was a mistake/bug/whatnot, and get away scot-free.

I reached out to my source at Bioware, who has long been working on Anthem, and while I am assured that game is finally becoming quite promising, I am also told that SWTOR has been all but abandoned.

Star Wars: The Old Republic has a very small team working on it. My source flat out stated that less than a "handful of developers are actively working on SWTOR", moreover they are "prioritizing money making opportunities over content and bug fixes".

Here is the real kicker. Bioware has everything riding on Anthem. If the game succeeds, Bioware will adapt to support it, abandoning everything other than their single player games. If it fails, Bioware will most likely be absorbed into EA, and SWTOR will be shut down.

No matter how you look at it, SWTOR is done for. If not now, then in 2019 when Anthem releases.
The one (somewhat) good thing I learned, is that Bioware/EA are also kicking around the idea of letting SWTOR run until the license expires. Having said that, there are also rumblings that Disney is not at all happy with EA at the moment, and is looking at Activision, Take-Two, and Ubisoft for future Star Wars games. My source was not sure how this would impact SWTOR.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Gazillion didn't have a contract secured for Marvel Heroes while they were telling their customers that everything was A-OK.

This piece has been long overdue. A LOT of you have been e-mailing me about the Marvel Heroes shut down, so I stopped being lazy and reached out to a few sources.

First of all, I would like to thank my source, a former Gazillion employee that wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you for taking a risk and providing me with info on what really happened.

Now, since Brian (Asros) is currently contemplating getting a refund over the failed promises of Star Citizen, hopefully he gains an understanding of what his own customers went through.
BTW Brian, the issues you brought up with SC, where the exact concerns gamers had with MHO. Karma is a bitch, ain't it? Hey, why don't you call us entitled assholes once again, that seems to work out quite well.

First of all, in May 2017, Gazillion thought they would have to shut down the PC version of Marvel Heroes due to a problem with the license. In fact, they had already lost the contract and were re-negotiating it while working on the console version of the game.
I verified this through both my source, and their official Discord server.

But it doesn't end there folks, my source tells me that Dave Dohrmann was one of a few people at Gazillion with a "golden parachute". What this means, is that this pedophile scumbag got out of the industry with quite a bit of cash.

Here he is telling people they secured a five year contract with Disney, when they were still negotiating. Yes, this is a BLATANT lie and false advertising, as they were still debating a few key points at this time. The contract did not get finalized until WEEKS after this video occurred.

Eventually, and after a severe public outcry, Disney took a closer look at Dave Dohrmann, and pulled the contract. This was 100% due to his escapades. MHO was doing fairly well at this point, and profits from console sales were above what they expected.

Now here is where it gets interesting. Microsoft contacted Gazillion almost immediately, and they worked out a refund deal for those on Xbox due to a contract stipulation, one that the PS4 did not have.

Weeks after it was known that Microsoft was issuing full refunds, PlayStation NA did a similar (although half-assed) refund, but only starting from 8/17/17. Sony was forced to provide reimbursement in other regions due to consumer protection laws, but was/is extremely resistant in NA. This was because Sony did not care enough to ensure their games stay active for at least a year, while Microsoft did.

Here is the real kicker. According to my source, Gazillion knew over a year ago that the contract was in jeopardy, and still kept selling goods/services through their marketplace.
If Gazillion was still around, this would have been a class action lawsuit, however, since the company went belly up, nothing can be done.

Your best bet as a consumer is to be extremely weary of free to play games on PlayStation, since Microsoft (Xbox) has a guarantee of such games lasting for at least a year, and Sony does not.

Edit: 12/9/17 - My source asked me to remove his nickname, and I fixed quite a few spelling errors. Typing a blog post on the phone isn't exactly great for proofreading :-).
Edit 2: Ugh so the screenshot I linked had the correct information, but I put down the wrong month in the post. I now fixed it to May, the correct month. Thank you all for pointing that out.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Marvel Heroes Omega on the PS4 is a buggy, un-optimized mess. Gazillion in damage control mode silencing and banning​ those that bring up these issues. Shut down coming soon?

I am getting quite a few Marvel Heroes Omega e-mail's. So many in fact, that I haven't had the time to sort through them all as of yet.

Seems like Gazillion Entertainment is trying to silence a lot of bug reports, which usually means the game is very buggy and hackable.

Let's start with some bugs.
For one, the vendor XP flat out breaks after level 10. You can max your vendors extremely fast, as going from level 10 to 20 (cap) takes less XP than going from level 9 to 10. (Courtesy of RobR81).
You can also (co-op) take another (low level) hero with you into your trial (even the cosmic one), and beat it without an issue as all enemies will be scaled to your average level. I had cosmic difficulty unlocked on my level 14 and 60 hero simultaneously. Obviously, this also bypasses the level 60 requirement for cosmic difficulty. (Courtesy of DD2).

On the hacking side, things are just as brutal. After only a few minutes of messing around with packet editing, I managed to get my Eternity Splinters and G's to whatever I wanted. (Courtesy of REMOVED). Here is my roster screen with most heroes open.

I spoke to my Gazillion source about this issue and was told that they are doing everything they can to stay afloat, so there you have it folks.
That's right, I am hearing some rumblings about a possible shutdown. If this console release does not hit it out of the ballpark, the game may be scrapped in favor of mobile offerings. The PC version is "long dead", and the consoles are their only hope.

All in all, this is a very buggy, poorly optimized & secured game. The threat of a shutdown is not helping either.
I had a lot more difficulty with Skyforge on the PS4 than this game, but then again, any company that is so eager to shut down their fans reporting issues is bound to be hiding something.

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EDITED to remove hacking info per author's request.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Black Desert Online - The server stability is so awful that actual item duplication is possible.

Seems like Daum just can't get anything right. This works in NA and EU when it lags (which happens quite often). It does not work in Russia due to them having superior servers and less lag.

When the server lags to the point that you can open a single treasure chest multiple times before it disappears, you are ready to dupe (you actually sort of already did with the chest when you looted it twice). 

Put up an item on the marketplace and cancel it. Do this as fast as possible. Keep doing it until you dupe. Keep a close eye on your inventory while you are working on this.
It took me quite a few attempts, but I was able to dupe multiple items. It is much easier to do this with some sort of macro software, but entirely possible by hand.

Now, since it lags - there are actually two (and a half) chances to dupe. One when you are putting up the item (just keep spamming the conformation), and one when are taking off the item (just keep spamming the conformation).
This is where the half comes in - if you get your item back, but you still see it listed for sale - DO NOT try to get it back, as it will just disappear. BUT if you let it sell, you will get your money and whoever buys it will get a perfectly legit copy of the item. So don't get greedy and pass the love around.

It does not look like each item is assigned a unique ID, as I was able to sell and/or use my dupes. The duped items do not disappear after logging off. The exception to this rule was trying to get an item back that was still up for sale after going back into my inventory. So it looks like there is at least some minor kind of anti dupe in place.


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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Black Desert Online - Hacking the NA version. What a pile of fail BDO is. I do not actually know how this game takes itself seriously.

So I know I said no more Black Desert Online posts, but that was before I was given an account on Daum's EU servers.
The only catch was that I hack the living shit out of it, so here are my results.

First of all, most Russian hacks work, but not all of them. Daum's version of XIGNCODE3 is newer (or just different) than the one I encountered on the Russian version.
I could not bypass it using the tools I used on the Russian version, thankfully the Russian hacks that worked bypassed it for me.

Here are the hacks that I can confirm are working:
Unlimited HP, MP, remove all CD's and animations, "game" hacks - this means Amity and Bargaining, and of course the item hacks that allowed me to get all my gear in a day rather than a week. Sorry to all those that saw me get 2 Witch's Earrings in a span of minutes. I was doing it for science!

Next up, the max stats per level up hack still works. I was able to get top stats after three attempts at these Wizzy RNG stats. Lol yeah, that's right. This so called "competitive" game makes RNG determine your HP and MP per level. At level 58 (and this gap becomes larger the higher you are), this is HUNDREDS of HP and MP. A guildee has a character with 137 more HP and 193 more MP. Same level, class, and stats otherwise.
The screenshots I took were at level 4. Less than 5 minutes of gameplay on each character. This is VERY easy to test, so feel free to do so. Combine it with the fact that inventory slots are not family wide, and you are stuck with the character you picked instead of re-rolling if you used the cash shop. This is very game breaking. Since BDO does not normalize stats, it is a joke for competitive PvP.

I will keep hacking until I am banned, but it is not looking good for Daum. I have had multiple players PM me and tell me that I am reported over these last few days, and I am still playing.

Now I am playing on both the RU and EU versions trying to get banned. I have a feeling I am in for a lot of hacking.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Black Desert Online - the most hack filled, exploitable MMORPG on the market today.

First of all, let me preface this by saying that being a (fairly)recent father of two, I do not have a lot of time to spend on gaming or checking my mmogfails E-mail. Now when I was getting less than 5 E-mails per week, it was manageable to check it once a month or so; however now my mailbox has over 1000 new e-mails, and I simply don't have the time to sort through them all, so this will probably be my last post for a while... At least about Black Desert Online.
I just have no passion for this game, but still ended up spending about 30 hours just messing around with with it simply because I felt obligated to expose yet another lazy developer.
I then spent another 5(ish) hours just sorting through E-mail and posting here. This led to me being quite burned out, and being a father in this state while also working a full time job is not something I am willing to do. The best part of this whole experience was meeting some amazing people, and learning a few new words in another language. Pizdets brati, vash yazik ochen tejoliy.

With that little rant out of the way, I would like to thank my Russian friends for showing me around their game, giving me the tools to help me hack it, and for very patiently teaching me to use them.
Thank you druzya!


Now, messing around with Cheat Engine and AutoHotkey required bypassing BDO's pathetic cheat "detection", XignCode. I was given a tool to bypass it, but eventually the hack we all used didn't even need it bypassed, since XignCode no longer detected it, or maybe it came with its own bypass.

Using just Cheat Engine I was able to remove all cooldowns (potions, skills, etc.), as well as eventually get higher points on that mini game where you talk to people. I never figured out what that was for, but I was told it opened up quests and such. Those were fairly easy to do, anything else required a lot more work that I did not really feel like doing because I already had multiple hacks to try out.

The following items can be hacked (at least in my testing).
Movement (speed, jumping, and the ability to fly upon jumping).
Cooldowns AND Animation Speed (allowing you to cast your hardest hitting ability up to 3 times per second. Sometimes more, but going over 3 caused me to crash a lot. You could also keep chugging potions if you wanted to).
Mini games (other than fishing). Self explanatory. Haggling and Talking could be "won" by pressing a key while engaged in it.
And, I am saving the best for last - TADA:
Mana AND Hit Points (yep, you read that right. It's game over for BDO. The trainer allowed me to freeze both at their maximum value, and while they went down upon using a skill or taking damage, they would instantly fill back up).

So there you have it folks. I have never, in all my life as a gamer seen an MMOG that is so easily hacked, and so full of hacks as Black Desert Online.

I exploited pretty hard, and I apologize to anyone I hurt. I will keep logging into the game and hacking, mostly in PvP. Dealing death from above as a flying Ranger with unlimited health and mana is somewhat fun. I want to see how long it takes them to ban me.

We managed to spot quite a few hackers in "remote" areas that are "hard" to reach (not really, since one can fly), and I was told some of them have been hacking for months.
Now I am not dealing with Daum, I am dealing with GameNet, so their actions may not reflect Daum's... Still, I want to see how much hacking I can get away with before being banned. I have a feeling they have no way of detecting hackers other than reports.

Once I am banned, I will have some fun videos for you all, HOWEVER I will have to edit them into short little snubs to only show my name, as I will never reveal the names of the people that I grouped with, became friends with, and got the hacking tools from.

With that, I am signing out.
Please don't submit any more BDO hacks/videos/materials to me. The game is a mess and I don't have the time to sort through it all. I apologize, but this is something I do for fun, and it has become a chore.
Give it a few weeks for this blog to cool down, and then feel free to submit issues about other MMOG's. I will be mass deleting all my E-mails in three weeks or so, so if you actually want to talk, post on the blog or E-mail me in 4 weeks.
Have fun,

- MMOG Fails

Monday, April 25, 2016

Invites from a Russian BDO guild. This week I will be going on a hack filled exploration of Black Desert Online. Cheat Engine allows you to remove skill cool-downs.

So here is something I did not know, BDO is actually a free to play game in Russia.

I have been contacted by a certain guild that offered to show me around, and even share one of their trainers/hacks. The only thing I had to do was make a Ranger character.

Now since the time difference is quite vast, I am not sure when we can really get together, but I will be trying to do it some time this week. They have been more than accommodating with their willingness to stay up, so thank you guys (and gal).

Yesterday I tested a VPN that allowed me to connect to the Russian version of the game, and after making my Ranger, I even managed to complete a few quests by following the prompts.

After some digging around, I found out that you can easily eliminate all cooldowns for your character. This is stupidly not server side, so all you do is search for the value in Cheat Engine and set it to 0 once it is found. Then feel free to spam said skill with no issue. I also got to play around with a hack that these guys have been using for a while, and it is a whopper. Pure game breaking potential, but I was asked not to reveal it until they tell me it would be OK. Should be soon, promise.

As always, if you have any fails for an MMOG, send them my way: