Friday, December 8, 2017

Gazillion didn't have a contract secured for Marvel Heroes while they were telling their customers that everything was A-OK.

This piece has been long overdue. A LOT of you have been e-mailing me about the Marvel Heroes shut down, so I stopped being lazy and reached out to a few sources.

First of all, I would like to thank my source, a former Gazillion employee that wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you for taking a risk and providing me with info on what really happened.

Now, since Brian (Asros) is currently contemplating getting a refund over the failed promises of Star Citizen, hopefully he gains an understanding of what his own customers went through.
BTW Brian, the issues you brought up with SC, where the exact concerns gamers had with MHO. Karma is a bitch, ain't it? Hey, why don't you call us entitled assholes once again, that seems to work out quite well.

First of all, in May 2017, Gazillion thought they would have to shut down the PC version of Marvel Heroes due to a problem with the license. In fact, they had already lost the contract and were re-negotiating it while working on the console version of the game.
I verified this through both my source, and their official Discord server.

But it doesn't end there folks, my source tells me that Dave Dohrmann was one of a few people at Gazillion with a "golden parachute". What this means, is that this pedophile scumbag got out of the industry with quite a bit of cash.

Here he is telling people they secured a five year contract with Disney, when they were still negotiating. Yes, this is a BLATANT lie and false advertising, as they were still debating a few key points at this time. The contract did not get finalized until WEEKS after this video occurred.

Eventually, and after a severe public outcry, Disney took a closer look at Dave Dohrmann, and pulled the contract. This was 100% due to his escapades. MHO was doing fairly well at this point, and profits from console sales were above what they expected.

Now here is where it gets interesting. Microsoft contacted Gazillion almost immediately, and they worked out a refund deal for those on Xbox due to a contract stipulation, one that the PS4 did not have.

Weeks after it was known that Microsoft was issuing full refunds, PlayStation NA did a similar (although half-assed) refund, but only starting from 8/17/17. Sony was forced to provide reimbursement in other regions due to consumer protection laws, but was/is extremely resistant in NA. This was because Sony did not care enough to ensure their games stay active for at least a year, while Microsoft did.

Here is the real kicker. According to my source, Gazillion knew over a year ago that the contract was in jeopardy, and still kept selling goods/services through their marketplace.
If Gazillion was still around, this would have been a class action lawsuit, however, since the company went belly up, nothing can be done.

Your best bet as a consumer is to be extremely weary of free to play games on PlayStation, since Microsoft (Xbox) has a guarantee of such games lasting for at least a year, and Sony does not.

Edit: 12/9/17 - My source asked me to remove his nickname, and I fixed quite a few spelling errors. Typing a blog post on the phone isn't exactly great for proofreading :-).
Edit 2: Ugh so the screenshot I linked had the correct information, but I put down the wrong month in the post. I now fixed it to May, the correct month. Thank you all for pointing that out.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Marvel Heroes Omega on the PS4 is a buggy, un-optimized mess. Gazillion in damage control mode silencing and banning​ those that bring up these issues. Shut down coming soon?

I am getting quite a few Marvel Heroes Omega e-mail's. So many in fact, that I haven't had the time to sort through them all as of yet.

Seems like Gazillion Entertainment is trying to silence a lot of bug reports, which usually means the game is very buggy and hackable.

Let's start with some bugs.
For one, the vendor XP flat out breaks after level 10. You can max your vendors extremely fast, as going from level 10 to 20 (cap) takes less XP than going from level 9 to 10. (Courtesy of RobR81).
You can also (co-op) take another (low level) hero with you into your trial (even the cosmic one), and beat it without an issue as all enemies will be scaled to your average level. I had cosmic difficulty unlocked on my level 14 and 60 hero simultaneously. Obviously, this also bypasses the level 60 requirement for cosmic difficulty. (Courtesy of DD2).

On the hacking side, things are just as brutal. After only a few minutes of messing around with packet editing, I managed to get my Eternity Splinters and G's to whatever I wanted. (Courtesy of REMOVED). Here is my roster screen with most heroes open.

I spoke to my Gazillion source about this issue and was told that they are doing everything they can to stay afloat, so there you have it folks.
That's right, I am hearing some rumblings about a possible shutdown. If this console release does not hit it out of the ballpark, the game may be scrapped in favor of mobile offerings. The PC version is "long dead", and the consoles are their only hope.

All in all, this is a very buggy, poorly optimized & secured game. The threat of a shutdown is not helping either.
I had a lot more difficulty with Skyforge on the PS4 than this game, but then again, any company that is so eager to shut down their fans reporting issues is bound to be hiding something.

As always, if you got some more fails for me to look at -

EDITED to remove hacking info per author's request.