Sunday, May 15, 2016

Black Desert Online - The server stability is so awful that actual item duplication is possible.

Seems like Daum just can't get anything right. This works in NA and EU when it lags (which happens quite often). It does not work in Russia due to them having superior servers and less lag.

When the server lags to the point that you can open a single treasure chest multiple times before it disappears, you are ready to dupe (you actually sort of already did with the chest when you looted it twice). 

Put up an item on the marketplace and cancel it. Do this as fast as possible. Keep doing it until you dupe. Keep a close eye on your inventory while you are working on this.
It took me quite a few attempts, but I was able to dupe multiple items. It is much easier to do this with some sort of macro software, but entirely possible by hand.

Now, since it lags - there are actually two (and a half) chances to dupe. One when you are putting up the item (just keep spamming the conformation), and one when are taking off the item (just keep spamming the conformation).
This is where the half comes in - if you get your item back, but you still see it listed for sale - DO NOT try to get it back, as it will just disappear. BUT if you let it sell, you will get your money and whoever buys it will get a perfectly legit copy of the item. So don't get greedy and pass the love around.

It does not look like each item is assigned a unique ID, as I was able to sell and/or use my dupes. The duped items do not disappear after logging off. The exception to this rule was trying to get an item back that was still up for sale after going back into my inventory. So it looks like there is at least some minor kind of anti dupe in place.


Got more fails for me?

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Black Desert Online - Hacking the NA version. What a pile of fail BDO is. I do not actually know how this game takes itself seriously.

So I know I said no more Black Desert Online posts, but that was before I was given an account on Daum's EU servers.
The only catch was that I hack the living shit out of it, so here are my results.

First of all, most Russian hacks work, but not all of them. Daum's version of XIGNCODE3 is newer (or just different) than the one I encountered on the Russian version.
I could not bypass it using the tools I used on the Russian version, thankfully the Russian hacks that worked bypassed it for me.

Here are the hacks that I can confirm are working:
Unlimited HP, MP, remove all CD's and animations, "game" hacks - this means Amity and Bargaining, and of course the item hacks that allowed me to get all my gear in a day rather than a week. Sorry to all those that saw me get 2 Witch's Earrings in a span of minutes. I was doing it for science!

Next up, the max stats per level up hack still works. I was able to get top stats after three attempts at these Wizzy RNG stats. Lol yeah, that's right. This so called "competitive" game makes RNG determine your HP and MP per level. At level 58 (and this gap becomes larger the higher you are), this is HUNDREDS of HP and MP. A guildee has a character with 137 more HP and 193 more MP. Same level, class, and stats otherwise.
The screenshots I took were at level 4. Less than 5 minutes of gameplay on each character. This is VERY easy to test, so feel free to do so. Combine it with the fact that inventory slots are not family wide, and you are stuck with the character you picked instead of re-rolling if you used the cash shop. This is very game breaking. Since BDO does not normalize stats, it is a joke for competitive PvP.

I will keep hacking until I am banned, but it is not looking good for Daum. I have had multiple players PM me and tell me that I am reported over these last few days, and I am still playing.

Now I am playing on both the RU and EU versions trying to get banned. I have a feeling I am in for a lot of hacking.