Sunday, May 15, 2016

Black Desert Online - The server stability is so awful that actual item duplication is possible.

Seems like Daum just can't get anything right. This works in NA and EU when it lags (which happens quite often). It does not work in Russia due to them having superior servers and less lag.

When the server lags to the point that you can open a single treasure chest multiple times before it disappears, you are ready to dupe (you actually sort of already did with the chest when you looted it twice). 

Put up an item on the marketplace and cancel it. Do this as fast as possible. Keep doing it until you dupe. Keep a close eye on your inventory while you are working on this.
It took me quite a few attempts, but I was able to dupe multiple items. It is much easier to do this with some sort of macro software, but entirely possible by hand.

Now, since it lags - there are actually two (and a half) chances to dupe. One when you are putting up the item (just keep spamming the conformation), and one when are taking off the item (just keep spamming the conformation).
This is where the half comes in - if you get your item back, but you still see it listed for sale - DO NOT try to get it back, as it will just disappear. BUT if you let it sell, you will get your money and whoever buys it will get a perfectly legit copy of the item. So don't get greedy and pass the love around.

It does not look like each item is assigned a unique ID, as I was able to sell and/or use my dupes. The duped items do not disappear after logging off. The exception to this rule was trying to get an item back that was still up for sale after going back into my inventory. So it looks like there is at least some minor kind of anti dupe in place.


Got more fails for me?


  1. Looking for the site to purchase/ download these hacks, will pay generously to who ever links me them

  2. When you say put an item up in the marketplace, what do you mean? There is a 5min cd on canceling items you place.

    1. Exactly what it says.
      I was really hoping this doesn't get revealed. Was fun while it lasted.

      Also works with transporting. Probably with more things as well.

      Mmogfails, you didn't make it as clear as you had to for these morons. God forbid they search around on their own.

      I fixed it for you and made it idot proof: The duping in the marketplace actually comes from spamming "register" and then later "yes" on cancel registration.

      Don't be stupid about it. This is bad:

    2. But how do you get around the 25 min cooldown on placing an item such as liverto on the market?

    3. Mark, you try your luck.

      Or don't use the marketplace it still works with transporting and other shit. Anytime it lags, just transport your item. Less hassle than marketplace.

    4. So this only happens if the servers are actually lagging? What about now that they fixed the lags, I tried but couldn't get it to work.

    5. So by server lag do you mean like when its the day before maintenance and all mobs etc get all dumb etc?

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  3. Don't want to start drama so I hid some text.

    A few of us old timers on epvp are being encouraged to fuck you over.
    Don't give up, I love BDO and think exposing Daum for what they are should get them to fix the game. No way will people still buy it if they know how hackable it is. PA took a lot of shortcuts, and Daum is incompitent.

    Keep fighitng the good fight and don't get discouraged by shit like this:

  4. Might as well drops these No CD and Speedhack for PyX, fuck this game.

    1. If you own PyX and want NO CD/Speedhack for cheap AF drop me an email

      $5 for each, pretty cheap considering you have to pay for PyX to begin with...

  5. yo, can actually send me hacks or information how to do so with cheat engine. i kno some ppl who get banned 72h and they are full +15 boss set kazarka weap, seems wurf to get those and lay down for 72
    cheers if some1 wants to cooperate ^^

  6. The dupeing doesnt work. We all attempted it, this is just trolling.

  7. Where can I contact you mmogfails?

  8. Thanks for the bot mmogfails. But what do I do now?

    Hey you been having any luck duping since their so called server upgrades? Looks like they even fixed dual chest looting.

    Very much looking forward to your next post. People are saying there is a new dupe out there and I would really like to gear out the rest of my peeps.

  9. Another gem for you from epvp.
    Getting unbanned is very, very easy.