Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Yet another Guardian Fighter exploit. Virtual immortality, unlimited AP, and insane damage.

So apparently the Guardian Fighter is Cryptic's pet class. This exploit submitted by Reno81 really lead to a lot of fun. An all GF group can almost instantly destroy any dungeon. No need for any other class - ever. They would just slow you down.

I would also like to thank Reno81 for inviting me into a GF clear group. It was fun, and so fast that I didn't even know what happened.

MMOG fails, try this out bro. I guarantee you will laugh your ass off. Also combine with the GF set exploit for even more hilarity. 
Get 5 GF's all using the following skills - THEY FCUKING STACK TROLOLOL.
Into The Fray gives you unlimited dailies because it fucking stacks IT STACKS with every other GF in your god damn group!!!!!
Villains Menace gives you epic AoE and godly damage, and with everyone spamming - ZOMG.
Fighters Recovery makes sure you never die by leaching thousands of HP per fucking hit.
Make sure to stack this with the Knight Captain set bonus bug and you can shit all over a boss faster than after eating a jalapeno White Castle slider.

Peace out

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  1. Seems as I rolled the wrong class, GF's been getting all the exploiting love lately, lol.

  2. Well I used to be an mmowned fan, but the admins there are fucking lame. I posted your exploit in their forum and they deleted it, saying they already know about it. Apparently it was in their elite section that the general population can't access.

    So it's OK for some to know, but not everyone. If you pay, or "donate" to their site, you can look at them; otherwise you are nothing but low class shit in their eyes.

    The funny thing is when I tried to find out more info, they gave me a warning.

    Long story short, I am done with that site, for good. Although I can still go back since I always use hotspot shield lol.

    On to the point of my post (other than mmowned sucking ass that is), thank you very much for doing what you do MMOG Fails. Also a big thank you for not removing any posts or censoring them... Unlike those anustarts at ownedcore.

    Btw, if you want the whole story on why mmowned is retarded, check this link. I have pictures, lol.

  3. Honestly David,

    I read your thread over at ownedcore and saw those messages u posted. While I can understand that the mods can be frustrating at times over at ownedcore, you're just a fuckin idiot dude.

    Why post something from this blog on their site, and expecting to get anything out of it, or that it wouldn't already be known, then make a huge snuff about it all over the fucking internet.

    Just go suck a dick and shut the fuck up you tard muffin.

    1. Just wanted to share with the rest of those interested. I didn't see it posted on that site and I doubt the audience of this blog can match the undeserved traffic of mmowned.

      Instead I get attacked by a virgin whose last view of a vagina was when he was born. Bouncing titties as an avatar? Lol epic horny mod is epic.

      Make a huge snuff about it on the internet? So posting here is all over the internet? Take your own advice and go lick on some sweaty balls you mmowned fucktard.

    2. You do know that the ownedcore shits don't give credit and steal the discoveries of others right? At least here people get credit for their work. Plus everyone is treated equally here. There is no private section that asks for "donations". How the fuck is something a donation if it's required to browse the private sections of their forum? Lawlz.

      And if the mods already knew about it, why did they start making threads regarding GF groups just yesterday? In fact the first thread asking people for all GF groups was posted just 12 hours ago.

      Lawls ownedcore caught doing what they do best. Stealing the works of others and being shits.

      Btw, David, is a kick ass way to quit ownedcore. You are my fucking hero brother.

  4. Love This blog in comparison to other sites. Ownedcore etc. are usually top late.

  5. All GF groups are the shit. Wish I discovered your blog sooner. I stumbled upon it from a reddit post.

    Thank you for sharing this Reno and Mmog. Today I got a group together on Dragon and we've been doing it nonstop for hours. Hopefully craptic doesn't do any rollbacks. That would suck ass.

  6. Man they got you dawg...Updated the game with a so-called maintenance patch....Here it is below:

    Patch Notes – NW.1.20130416a.47

    This build is set to go live at 7AM PDT on 6/7/13.

    · Guardian Fighter: Into the Fray: This power no longer stacks when used by several Guardian Fighters in the same party.
    · The Knight Captain's set no longer stacks if multiple Guardian Fighters with the set are partied together.