Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Neverwinter rollback and banwave dubbed a success - Enjoy your cat cape!

Looks like this banwave and rollback didn't really do anything as zone chat still has people selling cats, and internal guild chatter as well as Reddit confirm that only the minority of those that exploited were caught.

If you were using this exploit before it went mainstream (you know, at launch), you did not get caught. If you converted your AD to Zen (before the exploit went public) you also did not get caught. Because as we all know, a 7 hour rollback can fix things that have been exploited for over 30 days.

But hey, enjoy your cat cape you all!

Here is a gift for anyone that lost crafting progress during the rollback:
Automatically and undetectably level your crafting. Now there is no need for scripts, this program will do it for you.

Have anymore bugs or exploits to share? Please e-mail them to this address: mmogfails@gmail.com

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