Monday, May 20, 2013

Cryptic and Perfect World failed big time. Neverwinter is a buggy, exploitable mess of a game - which IMHO, can only be fixed by a complete server wipe.

 Neverwinter may be the buggiest, most exploitable MMOG out yet, however some of the bugs are not Cryptic's first. Yesterday the team had to shut down servers and rollback their game to (unsuccessfully) combat an Auction House exploit that allowed people to make billions of Astral Diamonds (in game currency that is tradable for Zen - real money).

To put things into perspective, Cryptic previously failed in Star Trek Online, only to bring the exact same bug to Neverwinter.

Moreover, there have countless MAJOR exploits in Neverwinter to date. Better yet, most of these were reported to Cyptic during the closed beta.
Note: The author of this screenshot, a Redditor who wishes to remain anonymous said he had to change the Created tab to something else to mask his account. Having seen the original screenshot, I can tell you it was submitted more than 16 days ago.

Just for fun, I listed some Neverwinter exploits listed below. Yes, the game actually launched with this many confirmed/reported issues.

 1 - AH exploit - This is what all the current fuss and server rollbacks were about. Through this exploit one can earn unlimited AD and simply clean out the AD vendors, as well as buy up all the Zen they wanted. The funny thing is, their rollback did nothing; as I knew of people with early access that were already taking advantage of this ridiculous feat of programming.

2 - Quest sharing exploit - This allowed you to reach level 60 in about an hour of playing. It also allowed people to farm unlimited bags, assets, and materials. It was discovered and reported in closed beta, but still made it in. It also still works for some quests as confirmed by Tault Unleashed.

3 - Foundry bugs - Were used to gain max level and farm gear.

4 - The CW set bonus bug allowing them to hit for millions points of damage. This was a very minor bug, but it still allowed a team of two or more CW's to farm end game content.

5 - The GF set bug - Yet another set bug that allowed the GF to almost instantly kill any mob in the game. A lot more consistent than the CW set bug, and caused a lot of damage to the economy.

6 - Chest farming exploits - These are still in the game and allow people to farm easy money, as well as gear and ingredients.

7 - There is already a bot out for Neverwinter that members of Tault Unleashed have been using. Currently it can be made to level or exploit chests. They are working on having it take care of professions and auto pray for you as well. It is completely undetectable due to Neverwinter's faulty code. The same bot has been use in Cryptic's other games for years.

8 - TR DC bug - This was used mostly in PvP to instantly disconnect anyone the TR targeted with certain abilities. It allowed all TR groups to quickly win matches in the least amount of time possible.

9 - Potion exploit - Basically you can have unlimited healing potions - not much of an exploit since you can accomplish the same thing easier by using any other AD earning exploit and buying potions.

10 - AutoHotkey - Macro software that allows you to easily max your crafting. Once again undetecable by Crytpic's games.

11 - AFK PvP groups - creating a few accounts and making an AFK group (managed by AutoHotkey or the Viper bot), you can quickly earn XP and gear while you sleep.

12 - Their support site has not worked since launch. That's right, you can't even request a refund or report bugs through it! It gets stuck in an infinite loop after you log in to submit a ticket.

13 - Dungeon exploits - There are plenty of ways to exploit dungeons to severely shorten the time required to beat them. Reaching the end boss can be cut down from 45+ minutes, to less than 5.

14 - Boss exploits - Easily kill dungeon bosses over and over for loot and seals, then reset them and do it again.

15 - There is another armor set bug which gives everyone in the party stats that are above and beyond what you can get without cheating.

16 - Diamond chest exploit - Sometimes the chest received from statue turn ins did not disappear after use, meaning it could be used 20+ more times before it went away. This bug is STILL in the game.

Have anymore bugs or exploits to share? Please e-mail them to this address:

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