Monday, May 20, 2013

Picking on Neverwinter yet again - This is what a quick google search of "Neverwinter Exploit" turned up.

Wow, Cryptic just can't catch a break.

Doing a quick google search for Neverwinter Exploit, I stumbled upon the following exploits for you to enjoy.

Boss exploits:

To jump directly to the last camp fire in the Spider Dungeon you have to climb the right railing/rocks near the entrance to the spider temple. Once atop the rocks you will see a small opening with a greenish abyss below this is what you will be jumping into, now onto the actual exploits.

Last Camp single jump-
Have everyone from your party stand on the rock ledge just above the abyss. Only have one person take the leap. Have the party member type /unstuck when they are far enough away from the group. This has a chance to warp you to the last campfire. It's very random but if you fail your group will end up at First Campfire by the first boss so it's ok either way.

First Camp Fire-
See Above most known method directly ports to first boss after falling for 5-6 seconds simply type /unstuck

Second Camp Fire-
If you're unfortunate enough to not make the final boss campfire there is another chance to skip content. After killing first boss the room immediately following his gate has another jump point. Open the gate and hug left wall do not aggro ANYTHING in this room. There will be a tall jagged rock pillar have your group climb that then face left wall. You will see a pillar between you and the ledge, the pillar with have small hook like stones. Hop on to the first hook then half hop onto the second hook and finally unto ledge. You will see abyss below you here you only fall for a VERY short amount of time so jump type /unstuck and about 1 second later hit enter. This will take to Second camp fire right before egg sac spider room.

Big thanks to Mark for the methods above.

A. Spider Queen

To 1 shot this boss you must do the following:

1. Jump on the Brige sidewall next to the Spider door enterance (yes you dont need to fase encounter now)
2. Lure boss to the lege and just fall with boss
3. Jump again same spot spam F pick loot.

B. Castle Never

Here you can drag ALL boses backwards and they stop spawning adds!
You can do this to last boss as well, you just jump on brige sideways and lure Dragon out of the cage.

C. Frozen heart

Yes last boss Frozen giant prob the bigest pain anyone fased (after brain boss), but using this exploit he is a pushover. First of all make sure to skip everything via the usual campfire activations we do in all dungeons. This one even has a boss that can be skipped.

1. Use rogue to Jump inside instance without entering with group gate.
2. Priest/CW must jump on the "ICE blocks near instance"
3. Rogue lures boss to the entrance of the "boss encounter" entrance
4. Atack boss to the death and let 1 group member kite all adds throught all the instance till they get bugged and stop move.
5. Kill all bugged adds (or you wont be able get Dungeon delves chest)

D. Pirate instace

Here you can literaly skip Boss 2 for dungeon delves speed runs (you can make 4 runs+1 long instance)

E. Spell plague

Last boss is kinda easy with "Proper control"
To farm this boss use 2rogues 2cleric +1 cw group.

1. cw must have:
1.1 Repel on Tab
1.2 Ice trase
1.3 Shield
1.4 Steal time

All encounter u have to put Ise trace in cleric sircle, freeze addds and knock them with Repel. Very easy this way. not even need blackholes.

Quick blue ingredient farm:

In the first solo dungeon you do in Neverwinter (it's called the Hall of Justice Vaults).
In these vaults the first node you come across is a rogue node which is you can loot for free as a rogue. It's the third group off in a dead-end area. All you need to do is create a rogue any kind will be fine. Kill your way to that node loot in and run back out. Reentering you'll reset the dungeon and you may procede to repeat it for crafting materials. Most times the loot sucks, but I left it overnight with an AH script and came back to find I had over 100 blue materials.
Sold everything that I didn't need for a few hundred thousand AD.

Ban wave failed:

Great picture here and here
Mule accounts were not hit, and people are still playing around with their AD.

Another damage bug:

Greater Plague Enchantments do not properly stack with Ray of Enfeeblement. Get a few people with GPE and a CW with RoE in tab slot and farm bossess like a boss. Stuff will literally melt away as your damage will reach epic proportions.

There you have it people, just 15 minutes of googling lead me to plenty more exploits.

Good job Cryptic! Winrar is you!

Have anymore bugs or exploits to share? Please e-mail them to this address:


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  2. 1. cw must have:
    1.1 Repel on Tab
    1.2 Ice trase
    1.3 Shield
    1.4 Steal time

    What is Ice Trace