Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cryptic's incompetence shines through once more.

As more and more reports of item duplication pour in (with little proof), so do quite a bit of exploits that exist only because of poor game design.

So today we will be exploring these in more detail.

The top three questions/comments that I received (other than item dupe requests that is) are listed below.

Chris (and 12 others) asked me the following question:
Q: I see people advertising groups for precleared DD. What does this mean? It always happens before a Dungeon Delves event. Anything to do with it? Is it some kind of an exploit?
A: Well Chris, you answered your own question. DD stands for Dungeon Delves, and having it precleared, means to pre-clear the dungeon up to the final boss. After this is done, simply wait until the Dungeon Delves event starts and have your group log out and back in (not all at the same time obviously) - so you are placed at the beginning of the dungeon. This will allow you to quickly run through the pre-cleared (empty) dungeon, up to the final boss, and kill it.
This means that you can clear two or more dungeons during the Dungeons Delves event and get multiple DD chests as rewards. So at level 60, you can easily get two or more epics instead of just the one that you would normally get. I have no idea why there isn't a check in place to make sure that each boss is killed during a Dungeon Delves event for the chest to be clickable. My guess? Poor game design.

Dan (and 9 others) asked me the following question:
Q: I outleveled an area and the quest chain I was on stopped. I can't continue. What happens next? Is there something I can do to continue questing?
A: I am sorry to tell you this, but nothing. Cryptic in their infinite wisdom level locked each area (including dungeon and skirmish). Now while you can manually enter an over-leveled dungeon, you can't reliably get quests from an NPC. I have seen people spam in /zone and ask for someone to share the next quest, but that really isn't a solution. There are so many quests in each zone that doing this will drive you bonkers. Chalk this up to more poor game design.

Rage of the week:
Chuck and (and 17 others) e-mailed me the following comment:
C: Did you know that a group leader can KICK PEOPLE OUT anytime they want? You can be on the final boss of a dungeon and they can kick you so you don't roll against them! You can be in PvP and they can kick you when you almost won! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG with this stupid ass game? Why are they allowed to do this shit? Why is there no vote kick! FUCKING CRAPTIC.
A: Yes, yes, give into your rage. Strike down your old master and join me.... Oh wait...
Yes I know about this. I think everyone in game does. As a group's leader, you have the ability to kick anyone and at any time. The best part is when you are kicked from a dungeon after killing the final boss during a Dungeon Delves event, since that not only robs you of the bosses drops - but also of your Dungeon Delves chest.
This is yet another moronic example of Cryptic's lack of game design knowledge.

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