Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another day, another Neverwinter exploit. This time it's virtual immortality and the ability to almost instantly kill your target.

As a bonus, it has apparently been abused since the Founder head start... Just like most of them. The Guardian Fighter is once again given the ability to one shot enemies, but this time God mode is included as well.

Now I really didn't want to pick on Neverwinter today. Honestly, I already had a Trion post partially typed up - but when I discovered this little tidbit, I just had to share.

Guardian fighters have a little feat called Reckless Attacker.
Carefully take a look at what it does: You gain bonus Power proportional to how much Guard meter you have remaining. When your Guard meter is full you gain 100% additional Power.
Seeing as how we can use Cheat Engine and set our Guard to be whatever we want, try setting it at a few thousand. Now freeze it. Congratulations, you just won the game.

Instantly kill ANY enemy in the game while being completely immune yourself. The video I was asked not to share showed a Guardian Fighter solo clearing Epic Castle Never and all mobs within in less than 10 minutes.

So there you go Guardian Fighters, you can once again be superman!

When will MMOG developers learn? If you commit to not wiping the game (basically making it live), do not release it with so many bugs and expect them to never surface.
No proof, but possible/probable:
I had this exact tip from 7 different people, so I don't want to disregard it... But I saw no screenshot or video proof.
If you are a Trickster Rogue, you can use your Cloud of Steel forever by freezing the value in Cheat Engine to it's maximum valid number.
Edit: I was unable to reproduce the CoF bug, but that does not mean it's not real.

Have anymore bugs or exploits to share? Please e-mail them to this address:


  1. I tried to test. As a value search i tried scan of 100 when full guard, then 0 when out of guard, then 100 when back to full and it gave me one value. However this was not the value for guard as it did not work for me. Anyone know how to find Guard using cheat engine?

  2. Unknown initial value
    Then Increase/Decrease.

    It is a pain to find. Just wait till someone releases a trainer like they did with stamina.

    I see multiple GF's doing this, no way are they spending an hour looking for it every time.

  3. Anyone find out what the value is for the trickster?

  4. I accidentally hit a value that affected my gf guard refills peed rather than locking the value, I'm about to see if it affects my rogue's stealth refill speed in combat since the gf had a nice boost.

  5. Any luck with finding GF guard value edit?

  6. I managed to get stealth meter for TR, but it would still drain but once it drained if I kept hitting TAB it would cast it again, lol.

    1. Good going Chuck, yes it looks like it drains, but you can hotkey to set stealth back to max again.

      This will be tomorrows news. I had a ton of people send me e-mails about stealth being client side.

      Should be interesting since mobs drop all aggro in PvE when a TR is stealthed... Assuming they don't fix it in this upcoming patch that is.

  7. Yeah might be getting patched, addresses atleast. I couldn't get the unlimited sprinting to work on my Windows 8 system so I said screw it and downloaded CE to see if I could do something with stealth.

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    2. Well I use CE, found the address for both stealth and roll, so now I have unlimited both, but with the stealth as I said above it constantly refills even after setting a hotkey to change it to 100%, if only I could stay 100% stealth the full time. Also another thing to note, when you switch instances or maps you have to re-run all of the steps and get new addresses :(.

  8. "Seeing as how we can use Cheat Engine and set our Guard to be whatever we want, try setting it at a few thousand. Now freeze it. Congratulations, you just won the game."