Monday, May 27, 2013

Neverwinter update - Item duplication, a Great Weapon Fighter immortality exploit, and more.

Will Neverwinter ever run out of game breaking bugs? I'd like to think so, but if your steady stream of e-mail tips are any indication - it won't be for a while.

User Dan brought the following Great Weapon Fighter invulnerability exploit to my attention:

This exploit makes you completely invulnerable for 5 seconds and can easily be repeated during that time. This means that you can be permainvul! Great fun in PvP!

Need the following:
Great Weapon Fighter with the Avalanche of Steel Ability.
Your Utility Power
Full Action Points

Ensure that you have the Avalanche of Steel Ability on your HUD with full action points. Now use your Avalanche of Steel ability, but as soon as you use it, cancel it by using your utility power (which is sprint) before the ability finished the cast time. You can do this simultaneously, so you can activate the ability and then immediately sprint forwards after.
This can be macroed. All damage would be mitigated and you would lose aggro for a total of five seconds. Remember you can do this again before the five second period is up, to obtain permanent invulnerability.

User Mark sent me the following item duplication exploit video:

Edit the stack of whatever you wish to 99. This only works with items that can stack up, so don't try using gear.
Go to any merchant and try to sell the stack. You won't be able to. Go to the mailbox and try to send it. You won't be able to. Now go place it on the AH and it will let you. If it sells, good you made money. If it doesn't sell, good since you will get back a full stack. It is very important that you try to sell it first, and then mail it. Otherwise it won't let you do this.
Update: Since the AH was taken down for such a lengthy period of time, I am pretty sure this will be fixed once it comes back up.

User Shane sent me the following speed running exploit for the Frozen Heart:

To skip boss you must kill one of frozen orbs to open gate behind him. You can do it even without doing any dmg to boss.
To do it simply run to the wall behind him which leads to the next bosses, on the right side there is ice path you can jump-walk on to get to the orb platform, here is how it looks like:

Get there, kill orb, jump from platform, run to the last campfire as before patch, kill last boss.
You don't even have to kill ice golems from crystals near final boss gate, all you need to do is to have one ranged kill them from far away, golems will not aggro and gates will open.
Remember that this is long rush, so run all together in case someone dies you can fast res him.

As always - Have anymore bugs or exploits to share? Please e-mail them to this address:


  1. Deleting my video because some pleb posted it on Ownedcore.

    Those fucktards keep stealing other peoples shit and give no credit.

  2. this could be done with keys?and enchantments like vorpal/soul forged?

    1. With anything that stacks and can be put on the AH.

  3. "his only works with items that can stack up", well yes...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. We should get a private section on this blog to post these things, to many leachers coming to your blog and posting it directly on Ownedcore. Any users on this blog who want to find and look for possible exploits after the maintinance go ahead and add me on skype: doiknowyouo.0

  5. The title should be great weapon fighter.not guardian fighter.

    1. Thanks much! Sorry, I failed at copy-paste from e-mail. Lol that's pretty bad.

  6. Fuck you you fucker because of you this exploit got closed and I was banned. I hope you get assfucked in the ass you fucker.

    Too bad I still made out. I was using this for days and got mules full of AD so you failed cockbite!

    1. False. Greedy people like you that have "mules full of AD" are the reason anyone even found out about this exploit.

      Think about it. Opening the AH and seeing tons of: 99 potions, enchantments, keys, etc. Pretty easy to figure out that something is wrong. The 99 of everything is a dead giveaway.

      Guess what, there was also another duping exploit similar to this one but involving the guild bank. That's also closed and no one but a few people knew about it. The reason it was discovered? Because Cryptic traced where some of the stacks of 99 items come from.

      I did the smart thing and duped 4-9 items at a time, not 99. I used both exploits quite often, but wasn't greedy.

      I am still playing and have a lot of Vorpals and keys. Now I am going to sell/trade them a FEW at a time, not placing stacks of 99 on the AH like a noob would.

  7. this exploit no work now dude?

  8. I found the avalanche of steel exploit, and still have 6 others left that I know of. Thank you Dan for snagging this from Ownedcore.

  9. dupe not,but the gwf works

  10. You idiot why the fuck would you post this? You could have made thousands of dollars selling AD to gold buying sites. Its what most of us have been doing for weeks. Now they fixed our free cash flow.

    You fucking noob twat idiot. Ruined a good thing without even realizing it.

  11. Thank god I got my founder and guardian pack refunded. Not going to touch this pile of crap ever again.

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