Friday, April 11, 2014

ZeniMax keeps failing hard. But really, what did you expect from a company that allows people to hack their game with Cheat Engine?

Calm down folks. No need to spam my mailbox with hate e-mails or requests for bots. If you missed the chance to download the links I provided earlier, I feel for you - but there is nothing I can do.

Apparently I "stole" the links from some web site that was charging for them, and I will not stand in the way of anyone that wants to profit from the incompetence of others.

Anyway, on to the current TESO hubbub. The Elder Scrolls Online team has been busy banning and patching, but that doesn't change the fact that they released a product a bit too early and are suffering because of it.

A lot of people are having billing issues, including the cancellation of their complementary 30 day game time with game purchase.

But wait, that's not all. People are missing a LOT of items from their bank with the recent "maintenance", which seems to have caused quite a rollback. Dozens of items are permanently gone from thousands of players. Lets see how ZeniMax handles this issue.

Our Chinese and Russian friends are also developing hacking tools that are preventing people from reporting them, literally hacking the crud out of TESO. Can ZeniMax be any more incompetent? My guess is no.

ZeniMax is also apparently all for bot boss farming, so if you managed to snag the bot from my last post before it was deleted, feel free to go nuts.

I am also told there is a working dupe involving the mail system. Not able to verify it other than some screenshots, but it does come from sources that nailed things in the past, so let's see how that pans out once I get more info.

And now, on to my favorite bit of news. Some of you have taken to speaking out against the terrible launch that TESO has had, only to be silenced. People have sent me plenty of links where their posts have been forcefully deleted because of all the ad revenue ZeniMax is throwing around. Apparently simply mentioning this site will get your post deleted by Massively, IGN, Reddit, and the official forums.

Keep fighting the good fight people. No one should be able to get away with such incompetence simply because they have a huge checkbook.

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  1. Yeah ZeniMax are morons. We all know this. Can you please reup the bot and trainer? I can't download them anymore. Tells me the files are gone and there are no mirrors.

    Help please. I just want to even the playing field. Sick and tired of PvPing assholes with unlimited dodge and ults. Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Roflmao. Got to be a dupe here since mail was brought down. This game is some sick joke.