Thursday, April 17, 2014

An Elder Scrolls Online dupe has been confirmed, it has also been around since the beta. ZeniMax's incompetence shining through once more.

Thank you to Sam and Mike for showing me this dupe in action.

I was asked NOT to post how to do this, but there is a very real dupe in Elder Scrolls Online. It is also extremely easy to pull off and I guarantee thousands have done it without malicious intent.

You can literally get unlimited money by doing this. You can basically dupe ANY item through clever use of your guild bank.

Although I have been sworn the secrecy, I can't help but laugh at ZeniMax's incompetence.

Is a rollback imminent? I don't think so - It is literally impossible, since the bug goes back to pre-beta status. Countless people have abused it to get rich.

That's right, the game was launched with knowledge of this bug!

Check these reddit threads for more info.

I can now officially classify the Elder Scrolls Online launch as being worse than the Neverwinter Online launch, making it the buggiest launch in MMOG history.

Got more fails to report?

Update: 4/18/14
Now that this has been fixed, here is exactly how EASY it was to dupe in ESO.

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