Sunday, April 20, 2014

Another day, another Elder Scrolls Online dupe exploit... Again... No, I am not kidding.

Hot on the tail of the hireling chest mail dupe, I got another dupe tip.

A source that wishes to remain anonymous sent me a video showing how to once again effectively duplicate any item in the game. While not as simple as the gbank dupe, it is not too hard to reproduce. In fact I was able to duplicate multiple items without any issue.

This source asked me not to share any details of the dupe, but I am sure it will be leaking soon.

ZeniMax. I don't even know what to say anymore. Your incompetence is mind boggling.

Oh and to answer a question I am asked in every third e-mail - NO I am not banned yet, and YES I have duped quite a few things. Mostly stuff for PvP and my guild.

Got more fails to report?


  1. Looking everywhere for this, still secret. I know the basics...but missing the details.

  2. Thank you for not spilling the beans. They fixed it now along with the hireling mail dupe. ZM hotfixed it during today's maintenance and nothing is in the patch notes lol.

    This one actually took some time and coordination. Required "creative" mail use between two people while one was creating and deleting characters, causing the mail to screw up severely.

    Lol this game launched in the most broken state ever. But then again, what ES game doesn't have bugs?

  3. Oh shit. They also patched the buy from gbank and altf4 on login dupe.
    Those were the only two actual dupes I knew of. Damn.

    Know of another one Fails?

    1. I only knew about one of those. The other was sent to me by a few people but I have not tested it yet, so I could not post about it.

      I was also finally banned today (or late yesterday actually).

      Trying to appeal, but no response for the whole day today.

  4. Well at least they're actually getting things fixed in a somewhat timely manner. I just don't understand why the unban most people who appeal who blatantly duped tonnes of stuff like i mean an obvious exploit is an obvious exploit.

    1. Oh yeah. They are finally getting with the program. Although the way they ban has to be random. In my guild, out of the 7 of us that duped, only two got banned, me included.

      Our gbank is still full of duped items and my guild leader is still slowly selling all his gold to Chinese farming sites. While playing on Steam with him yesterday, he told me he used that money to pay off his 2013 Sonata Hybrid. So that is quite a bit of cash, and it is still rolling in.

      I know of a few more people that did the same thing, earning thousands of dollars.

      I really don't know how I got tagged for these TOS violations. The other guy that got banned has been mass selling gold to Chinese sites. I duped quite a bit, but not as much as my guild leader or the others in my guild.

      Oh well, live and learn.

    2. Did you dupe any skill books? My friend got banned for duping skill books, and that is the only thing he duped.

      Not like you need to dupe those books, you can just make alts and have them do the required quests, giving the book to your main.
      Wonder if that's a bug or meant to be?