Saturday, April 12, 2014

My last TESO post. Please stop it with the NWO and TESO e-mails.

Please stop it with the TESO and NWO e-mails. It's easy to kick a game while it's down, but it needs to stop. I will not make any more posts regarding TESO or NWO.

Now on to the latest news.

TESO still has game breaking bugs 8 days after its launch. Read this reddit post for more info.

But wait, the game has many more game breaking issues. Everything from quests, to skills are simply not working.

Moreover, error 301 is plaguing gamers across the globe. This issue prevents you from loading into an area due to an excessive amount of players in said area.

And as always, our Russian and Chinese friends are still releasing bots/trainers to hack the game for unlimited dodge, ultimate's and teleporting. Seems like the ZeniMax folks just cant fix these issues fast enough.

More fails to report? Send them to: Please try for something other than TESO issues.

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  1. Hey, any chance for the trainer reupload ? Or at least can we get the name of the site that is selling them ? A lot of people would enjoy. Willing to donate for info.