Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Update and a few more possible exploits.

I am still banned and trying to appeal. Tried another shot in the dark, lets see if it works.

In the meantime - everyone that sends me ESO bugs and exploits, please make sure to give me a link to a video. I have no other ways of verifying the issue at the moment.
Also, I am still getting a lot of hatemail - so if you have an actual exploit, please put it in the subject line. I simply don't feel like going through 100+ spam mails daily.

Now, on to a few more exploits. These may have been hot-fixed yesterday. As I said, I can not verify. I received proof of them in video form a few days ago. So they were working three (3) days ago.

1 - Unlimited Spidersilk and Ebonthread - Copy paste from an anonymous e-mail below:
DC side. Check this out. Go to the Bangkorai zone, and head over to Silaseli Ruins. Pick up the quest Conflicted Emotions from Zaag (in basement of Dragonstar Caravan Company).

Now head over to the south side of SR and check around for a Spidersilk and Ebonthread spawn. Now loot away. It respawns instantly. Gather and make money. Deconstruct it for more moola. Enjoy MMOG fails. Thanks for all your hard work. Check out my video for more info. Please keep my name out of this and don't link to my video. I dont want to get banned.

2 - The Ondil delve is giving out excellent loot, possibly due to a loot table screw up.
It seems like both the regular and veteran Ondil mobs are dropping massive amounts of Grand Soul Gems and other phenomenal loot. Farm it up while this is still happening.

Got more fail? Give it to me at:

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