Thursday, April 17, 2014

One more Elder Scrolls Online post, simply because I finally got flamed in three different languages.

Well, it has finally happened. I have received countless flames and rants in English, Russian, AND Chinese. This has never happened before, and warrants a special post. The rage, tears, and complaints are yummy. Keep them coming.

Btw, ignoring or flaming me because the game is buggy, broken, and so easily hackable does not change anything. I always link to proof, and simply going off on me because you "beat everything" without "any problems" won't change the fact that these issues are very real.

Now, let me make some things very clear. I did NOT upload any bots or hacks to file sharing sites. I simply re-posted links that were e-mailed to me...  After confirming that they work in game.
I did not steal them from your site. I did not hack into your guild web page, nor did I join your guild under false pretenses to get these files. The links were e-mailed to me. E-mailed to me by multiple people. I HAD NOTHING to do with them, other than re-posting the information I received.

To answer another question, no I have not been banned from TESO yet, although I did not abuse these trainers and bots. I just used them a few times to confirm they work. Please don't tell me that it's my fault you got banned because you were stupid enough to leave a bot going overnight, or ran around with super speed/teleport ulting everything you see.

With that out of the way, lets move on to some more issue the game is having.

First of all, the bank bug is still around and worse than ever. People have been losing everything. Slots, items, and countless hours of their time.

There is also a fairly uncommon issue that literally renders your character obsolete, causing you to lose everything

Falling and swimming through the world is still common place.

Often the buffs from PvP and quests stick around for a while, even after you leave/log out.

There are many game breaking bugs in the game. I personally encountered two of them. That means that they prevent your character from progressing any further.

As always, if you have any more fails to report -


  1. Hey Man. I've been lurking around to find this ultimate/teleport trainer... I understand that you're not gonna upload it again anytime soon but please ; could you at least let us know the site where we can buy it from ? Or does it still work ? Is the ultimate method doable trough cheat engine ? I've been dying for this. Really. A mate that could use some help :)

    1. Honestly, I have no idea what site I supposedly "stole" these things from. I was e-mailed links and posted them after making sure they worked.

      The only thing I tested in Cheat Engine was movement based. I didn't mess around with anything else. The trainer took care of ultimates and teleporting for me.

      The three files I had stopped working a few days after I publicly exposed them.

      If any reader wants to share what site the files came from, please do.

      If anyone sends me another link to these files, I will also post them again.
      The downside for hackers, and upside for gamers is that these hacks die pretty fast after they are exposed on here.

  2. Ok, I see. Thanks for what you're doing. Maybe the trainer and bot stopped working because of the update and the changing offsets ?

    1. That is actually the most likely cause. I doubt ZeniMax put any checks into place, since I still see bots and hackers.

  3. Since they are not working anymore, mind posting just so we can see the source code maybe ?

    1. Sorry.

      As I previously stated, I will not steal or take advantage of the work of others, or re-uploading anything.

      I didn't make these bots/hacks, so I don't feel right about uploading something that is not mine, especially since you can take a look at the source code and take advantage of it.

      I did some googling for you but only found dead links.

    2. Ok man. Thanks a lot for what you're doing anyway. I hope to this uploaded some time, who knows ^^ I've been searching around on chinese sites and russian ones for about a week but can't find anything. Hope a reader will land a hand, will send you emails if I find anything valuable on my side :)

      Take care.

  4. For your info, these hacks were never publically available. This blogger is using bs tactics to get viewers to his blog.
    There were never any files to begin with.
    The upload site he uses is a malware site to begin with. Any malware program will go redwire once you visit that site.

    1. For your info I got one of the trainers from this site. It may not have been "publicly available", but it worked. It worked for 2 whole days. I just wish I was in time to download the bot.

      Used it for a while without any issues and I'm not banned. Made a lot of gold thanks to their incompetence and a lack of AH.

      If anyone has the bot, I would greatly appreciate a link.

      Oh, btw. I have been following this blogger since his NWO days, and he has not ONCE been wrong. Stop trolling fucktard or ZM employee.

    2. No one has to defend me. I always provide proof of what I post. If some fucktard has an issue, let them prove it. Any idiot can make baseless accusations on the world wide web.
      Otherwise it's just like the threats I have been getting in my e-mail - pointless.

      People are not sheep. It is very easy for them to check my links and prior credentials. I do NOT make anything up. I simply expose incompetence. That is all.

    3. Again its a fucking lie.
      You all say you have it but once asked no one has it.
      Stop bullshitting the public with bullshit posts about things you had.
      Bottom line is, you dont have jackshit no more, so all this article is live for now is to gain attention and viewers to your site.
      Nothing else.

    4. Your rage. It pleases me. Enjoy.