Thursday, April 10, 2014

Over 200 e-mails about Elder Scrolls Online and client side trust. Bot and trainer link included. Enjoy these findings readers!

First of all, I would like to thank Sam for giving me a copy of Elder Scrolls Online so that I could witness these things myself.

Second, I received 203 e-mails about all the hacking and botting that is currently plaguing the game. Honestly, I didn't even know that this site is still getting so many hits.

Third, I am finally happy I received e-mails about something other than Neverwinter Online.

Now on to what you all are after:

Elder Scrolls Online, an MMO created by ZeniMax is chock full of issues. No I am not talking about all the quest bugs, I am talking about the huge trust that ZeniMax stupidly places on the client.

As of right now, there are bots that can teleport from node to node, but that is not the only issue facing The Elder Scrolls Online. You can actually use Cheat Engine and search for an unknown value, then increase/decrease it as you please, and you can get unlimited dodge, horse stamina, and even ultimate's.

Honestly I haven't witnessed anything this bad since the days of Neverwinter Online, and it really points to ZeniMax being completely incompetent developers.

So here you go:

Trainer to teleport and get unlimted dodge, if you are too lazy to use CE that is. This trainer also gives you speedhacking and unlimted use of your ultimate's, but it is quite obvious. I would just stick to dodge and teleport. I have personally used this trainer and confirm everything works 100%.

Bot to gather all the materials you want. It will literally teleport to the next target as soon as it loots a node. I have personally used this bot and confirm everything works 100%. The only issue is that if another player opens the node as you try to loot it, the bot will get stuck. So bot in safe areas. Run around and mark nodes, then have your bot do the rest. The bot can also try to find a node within X screens, but I would not enable that option as it can lead to some unpredictable behaviors.


Once again, thank you Sam for providing me with a TESO account.

Got fails I missed? Hand em over here:


  1. Do you have anything for Marvel Heroes Online?

    1. I do not. Sorry.

      I don't go looking for this stuff. All of my tips are sent to me. I simply validate and expose them.

  2. Thank you.

    Having an issue with the bot. It teleports fine but sometimes gets stuck running in walls. Any idea what could be causing it?

    Love the trainer too. Makes PvP a lot more fun.

    Thanks for doing this man. Helps even the playing field.

  3. Lol. You are stealing those letitbit links from a russian game hacking site. Should at least give credit where its due.

    I dont suggest you use the bot. Its easily detectable and we had a lot of people perma banned for tos violations. The trainer seems to be ok though. Only a few people got banned and they were abusing the shit out of it. I mean shit if youre gonna use something like this, be smart about it and dont show off.

    1. I did not steal anything. I got the links from an e-mail. Looks like they are going dead anyway, and I will not be re-posting them. I will leave that to my readers, should they choose to do so.

  4. I can't download the bot. Says the file isn't there anymore. The trainer still works and i downloaded it but the bot is gone?

    Can someone please re-upload? Please? I really want the bot.

  5. Any news on the bot being reupped?

    Also have a question on the trainer. How do I teleport? I am pressing F11 but nothing happens.

    Dodging and speed hack work fine but I cant figure out teleport.

    1. Shift + F11 to mark a location, F11 to recall to it.

  6. Came here from
    Bot link doesn't work. Trainer works fine. Downloaded and am in game now. Donating real money to whoever re-ups the bot and posts their e-mail below.
    Paypal $10. Git er done!

  7. Same issue as the guy above me. Everything works except telport and the readme is some Russian bs that google translate chews up. How do I teleport? I have F11 checked on the trainer gui but pressing it doesn't do anything.

  8. Figured it out after asking in guild.

    If anyone wants to know teleport needs to be marked in trainer. Go to location and do Shift+F11. Then F11 to go to location you marked. There is also a file you can edit with location, but Shift+F11 is faster.

    There doesn't seem to be a range. I can port to a friend and then port right back using F11.

    Still looking for the bot so I can farm bosses and mats. Come on everyone is doing this already, don't tell me none of the readers here got the bot before it was taken down. $15 paypal to whoever gives me a link.

  9. Cant download either. Tells me there are no mirrors. Help a brotha out peoplz!

    Where can I get the trainer and the bot?

  10. Any chance we get the trainer reuploaded ? Or at least can we get the name of the russian site that sells it ?

  11. Ok, managed to get a backup from the bot, still looking for the trainer. If someones has the trainer, I'm willing to make a trade ; trainer for bot :) Let me know here.

  12. Can we at least get a link to the site that are selling them ?