Saturday, April 26, 2014

How to get unbanned from The Elder Scrolls Online, even if you duped, hacked, and cheated.

Good news folks, I have been unbanned from Elder Scrolls Online. I even got an e-mail saying they were sorry.

The method I used is pretty simple.

I stated and reiterated that I did not dupe, hack, or do anything to violate the TOS, and told them that I was wrongfully banned.
I pointed out that a few of my guild friends have also been banned and unbanned, and made sure to point out that we did nothing but farm and trade for our loot.

I also pointed out these two sites: Reddit and Sam I Am's review of The Elder Scrolls Online on Amazon.
Specifically the post that pertains to people being banned for farming the Ondil Delve. It is on page 3 on the comments section of his review.

Expect more news from me soon. I have 7 new bugs and exploits to test, so stay tuned.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, they most likely do since game is full of issues, and I get more daily. However I was banned again...

      I have to test and make sure something works before I post about it, so I was testing out a lead on some insta respawning resource nodes, and got disconnected after looting a few of them 10-12 times.
      Upon logging back in, I found out I was banned.

      Most of these are easy to see, spot, since they are camped by bots almost 24/7... Bots that do not get banned...

  2. So let me get this straight.

    You were banned for duping. You then sent them letters and E-mail telling them that you were wrongfully accused of duping.

    They un-ban your account.

    Then you come on to this blog to BRAG about how you did actually cheat/hack/dupe but were able to pull the wool over Zenimax's eyes and get your ban lifted.

    Then you mysteriously find that you've be re-banned.


    1. Lol, well when you put it that way, yeah.

      My guess is they are keeping an eye on this blog. Never thought that would be the case, but oh well.

      If that's the price I pay, hopefully someone can use the info I provided to get themselves unbanned.

  3. So you are encouraging other players to cheat like this and get unbanned? Well, I think its fun to do that, but the essence of the game disappears. This is one of the best online multiplayer games so it should not be ruined like this.

  4. I got banned simply for farming and selling mats in area chat. Load of bull

  5. I got banned simply for farming and selling mats in area chat. Load of bull

  6. How does one get in touch with ZOS to get their account back?