Monday, April 25, 2016

Invites from a Russian BDO guild. This week I will be going on a hack filled exploration of Black Desert Online. Cheat Engine allows you to remove skill cool-downs.

So here is something I did not know, BDO is actually a free to play game in Russia.

I have been contacted by a certain guild that offered to show me around, and even share one of their trainers/hacks. The only thing I had to do was make a Ranger character.

Now since the time difference is quite vast, I am not sure when we can really get together, but I will be trying to do it some time this week. They have been more than accommodating with their willingness to stay up, so thank you guys (and gal).

Yesterday I tested a VPN that allowed me to connect to the Russian version of the game, and after making my Ranger, I even managed to complete a few quests by following the prompts.

After some digging around, I found out that you can easily eliminate all cooldowns for your character. This is stupidly not server side, so all you do is search for the value in Cheat Engine and set it to 0 once it is found. Then feel free to spam said skill with no issue. I also got to play around with a hack that these guys have been using for a while, and it is a whopper. Pure game breaking potential, but I was asked not to reveal it until they tell me it would be OK. Should be soon, promise.

As always, if you have any fails for an MMOG, send them my way:


  1. Did you have to bypass XIG and if so how?

    1. This is very easily done. Great guide written by ccman32:

      Good thread if you want to delve deeper:

    2. Tried using Radar pro that didn't work, heartbeat also still causes it to kick you. :S

    3. Hmm odd. I have a tool that bypasses it, but it no longer works, nor is required. The hack we have been using bypass XC or are undetectable.
      Now this is on the Russian server, so I am not sure if Daum's version of XignCode is updated/customized/whatever.

      When I was messing around to see how easy XignCode was to bypass, the only real tools I used were OllyDump and ImpRec, and that was enough for me to use CE and AHH.

      Try asking on the site I linked above? Those people are much smarter than I.

    4. Yeah there's a couple that are undetectable such as ect but of course with all things decent they cost money :P.

      If only I thought to check out this blog on the 23rd I'd have those trainers the guy was stupid enough to link in his vids.