Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Black Desert Online - the most hack filled, exploitable MMORPG on the market today.

First of all, let me preface this by saying that being a (fairly)recent father of two, I do not have a lot of time to spend on gaming or checking my mmogfails E-mail. Now when I was getting less than 5 E-mails per week, it was manageable to check it once a month or so; however now my mailbox has over 1000 new e-mails, and I simply don't have the time to sort through them all, so this will probably be my last post for a while... At least about Black Desert Online.
I just have no passion for this game, but still ended up spending about 30 hours just messing around with with it simply because I felt obligated to expose yet another lazy developer.
I then spent another 5(ish) hours just sorting through E-mail and posting here. This led to me being quite burned out, and being a father in this state while also working a full time job is not something I am willing to do. The best part of this whole experience was meeting some amazing people, and learning a few new words in another language. Pizdets brati, vash yazik ochen tejoliy.

With that little rant out of the way, I would like to thank my Russian friends for showing me around their game, giving me the tools to help me hack it, and for very patiently teaching me to use them.
Thank you druzya!


Now, messing around with Cheat Engine and AutoHotkey required bypassing BDO's pathetic cheat "detection", XignCode. I was given a tool to bypass it, but eventually the hack we all used didn't even need it bypassed, since XignCode no longer detected it, or maybe it came with its own bypass.

Using just Cheat Engine I was able to remove all cooldowns (potions, skills, etc.), as well as eventually get higher points on that mini game where you talk to people. I never figured out what that was for, but I was told it opened up quests and such. Those were fairly easy to do, anything else required a lot more work that I did not really feel like doing because I already had multiple hacks to try out.

The following items can be hacked (at least in my testing).
Movement (speed, jumping, and the ability to fly upon jumping).
Cooldowns AND Animation Speed (allowing you to cast your hardest hitting ability up to 3 times per second. Sometimes more, but going over 3 caused me to crash a lot. You could also keep chugging potions if you wanted to).
Mini games (other than fishing). Self explanatory. Haggling and Talking could be "won" by pressing a key while engaged in it.
And, I am saving the best for last - TADA:
Mana AND Hit Points (yep, you read that right. It's game over for BDO. The trainer allowed me to freeze both at their maximum value, and while they went down upon using a skill or taking damage, they would instantly fill back up).

So there you have it folks. I have never, in all my life as a gamer seen an MMOG that is so easily hacked, and so full of hacks as Black Desert Online.

I exploited pretty hard, and I apologize to anyone I hurt. I will keep logging into the game and hacking, mostly in PvP. Dealing death from above as a flying Ranger with unlimited health and mana is somewhat fun. I want to see how long it takes them to ban me.

We managed to spot quite a few hackers in "remote" areas that are "hard" to reach (not really, since one can fly), and I was told some of them have been hacking for months.
Now I am not dealing with Daum, I am dealing with GameNet, so their actions may not reflect Daum's... Still, I want to see how much hacking I can get away with before being banned. I have a feeling they have no way of detecting hackers other than reports.

Once I am banned, I will have some fun videos for you all, HOWEVER I will have to edit them into short little snubs to only show my name, as I will never reveal the names of the people that I grouped with, became friends with, and got the hacking tools from.

With that, I am signing out.
Please don't submit any more BDO hacks/videos/materials to me. The game is a mess and I don't have the time to sort through it all. I apologize, but this is something I do for fun, and it has become a chore.
Give it a few weeks for this blog to cool down, and then feel free to submit issues about other MMOG's. I will be mass deleting all my E-mails in three weeks or so, so if you actually want to talk, post on the blog or E-mail me in 4 weeks.
Have fun,

- MMOG Fails


  1. Shame you cannot share with me, it sounds lots of fun :D

    1. Yeah, I think we are SOL and have to find our own way, just a premade bypass would be good enough for me lol.

      Knew I should of taken C++/C# :P

  2. Tell me about it, uncle wanted me to be a programmer, annoyed i didnt take him up on his offer

  3. I have a basic understanding, if I knew which files I needed to modify to bypass the XG I could probably do it.

    I had a bypass working through emulating my machine as the host, but heartbeat check would cause me to dc

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    2. Lmao, I can bypass it as well. It's the heartbeat which is causing issues.

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    4. I can hack for about 10 minutes then the heartbeat kicks me.

      You're not even bypassing shit, you are using PyX.BDO which is modified/built in such a way to be undetected currently by Xigncode to run your little built in packet sniffing and LUA scripts, then you're charging $100 for your work that anyone could do, fucking greedy prick...

      Anyone with half a brain and $30 for the sub could figure out how to do such with some time

    5. Go sell your bullshit elsewhere such as epvpers/mpgh or just let it get leaked on Nulled in time xD

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  4. Anytime bratan, it was pleasure. Spasibochki tebe toje.

    We want gamenet to take hacks seriously and blog that made Elder Scrolls fix all bugs seemed like smart choose.

    You have our TS server. Join anytime brat! Loved playing with you. Don't abandon us hahaha. Hope you keep playing.

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    2. Will do. I jumped on yesterday to listen to some of the stuff Yulia keeps playing lol. Now I have another band to listen to when I drink, Lube.

      My wife was passing through and was like "Why are you watching Russian music videos?"
      I just told her to relax and let it happen lol.

      I will be playing today at 8 PM my time, but I am mostly going to be PvP hacking in my attempt to get banned. Don't know if you want to be with me for that lol.

      You also have my Skype, so stay in touch.

    3. Drop the bypass, then Duam might actually do something about it haha

  5. If you could freeze your energy value that would be op

    1. I tried messing around with energy and cash shop through both packet and hex editing. Seems like that is one of the few things that PA took seriously, of course I could be wrong, as I only spent a few hours trying to hack those.

  6. Not only in Russia. Full on godmode hacking on Croxus:

    This game is so broken. I downloaded fraps just so I can record these fuckers now, since I see at least a few per day.

  7. BE VERY VERY careful hacking and botting in BDO.
    Make sure the software you use isn't logging your account info.

    Recently I have only been hacking when no one is around, or with friends that also hack and three of us have had our accounts completely cleaned out.

    Someone had to have logged in, deleted/destroyed everything on our account, and left us completely naked.

    I made a ticket about it but see it on the official forums more and more. Hopefully Daum doesn't catch on that this is happening to hackers, otherwise I may get my account banned since I submitted a ticket to get this reversed.

    I am also going to subscribe to Viper and not use these lame Russian/Korean tools that are obviously full of spyware. That should help me get my gear back while I sleep.

    1. LOL.
      Daum has NO WAY of checking if you hacked or not. I am sure of it now. With all the hacking I did, they would have caught me. Lol I took on tons of bosses with friends and all of us were hacking, AND WE got everything back!

      All three of us got our account back and an APOLOGY from Daum about being hacked.
      Just say you got an e-mail from Daum asking you to change your password. Problem solved.
      ALL OF US got our accounts back. So there you have it folks, Daum has NO logs and NO way to keep track of hacking. Lol one of my friends made a bunch of forum posts and brought attention to our issue, and Daum TOOK CARE of everything. ROFLMAO. I am sooooo happy.
      They didn't even ask me why I actively played almost 24/7 for a few days, nor why all my gear is maxed. I simply got it all back.

      God bless Daum, the stupidest company in the world :-)
      Well, I am going to bot for the night. Night all :-)

    2. Looking for the site to purchase/ download these hacks, will pay generously to who ever links me them

    3. how you get your acc back? My just get perme banned for using pyx.NA version.
      plz let me know, thx a lot

  8. Looking for the site to purchase/ download these hacks, will pay generously to who ever links me them

  9. You know what scares me about this entire thing?

    The blogger does it for the lols and trying to put a spotlight on the hacks, hopefully getting Daum Games to get their shit together and maybe do some more server side checks.

    However.. We actually have people in here asking for hacks, to use them for their own benefits, even some that got caught hacking and are now whining they want their account back.

    Fucking hell.

    Not too long ago, there was a video that a hacker put up on Youtube, of himself, weeping like a child, claiming that he hacked to HELP people, that he killed world bosses to HELP others, never looting them so people could get his loot, and that he had people follow him around because they loved what he did for them, making himself out as being some sort of Robin Hood of gaming...

    The amount of self pity and entitlement of people never cease to amaze me..

    1. You know what scares me about gamers?
      You guys expect your developers to not only make FLAWLESS animations, optimization, content, ENDGAME CONTENT, or you throw the sticks and turn your nose up like a bratty kid who didn't get what they wanted.

      Lets face a harsh reality here people, ANY game, you name it. I will hack it to all hell and back and not leave a trace.

      Think of it this way. If I built you a bench with hammer & nails, what would you use to disassemble it and turn it into a chair?

      A fucking hammer & nails.

      So, that being said, when you make a game and play it on the very thing that created it, or compiled in this case...

      Guess what you can do? Take it the fuck apart.

      If you want to see less hacks, go buy a xbone or ps4.
      I have hacked BOTH of these, but it is a major pain in the ass and i refuse to do it without being paid, and wouldn't even consider it for myself.

      You chose the platform with the developers, hackers, etc..
      PC's are a consumer product, but you have to think about WHO those consumers are. In this case, the consumers are much more powerful then the developers.

      They are outnumbered, by TENS OF THOUSANDS of people, and you sit here and bash their game because of hackers?

      Its a great game. Period. The hackers didn't ruin the game for me though, it just got repetitive as fuck..

      It just got to the point where I realized i had no idea what I was working towards other then bigger numbers in my characters stats. I mean, node wars is cool and all, but i can't just hop on BDO at any point in the day after i've reached endgame and go raid other guilds castles unexpectedly with my guild..

      Nope, certain time, certain day, certain place, certain everything.. Seems like a certain win for the well established guilds, and a shut out for the peons.