Monday, May 13, 2019

Anthem is coming to EA Access and free to play is still on the table. The game sold almost 3.7 million copies!

Just a few small nuggets of information from a source within EA.

Anthem should be coming to EA Access around or slightly after the time the service will release for the PS4.

I was also told that the leadership at BioWare is actually blaming the players (their customers) and the "vitriol" they spew as the reason of why the game is not selling as well as it should.
They are also blaming EA for saying the game can be patched later because of the GaaS model. Neither EA nor BioWare expected the push back and hostility they received for delivering a product in such an unfinished state while selling it for full price.

In a bit of surprising news, Anthem sold pretty well, almost 3.7 million copies between digital and physical.

EA is still very committed to the game because "it fills a gaping hole in our offerings". So if patching and EA Access do not give it a much needed boost, F2P is still very much on the table.
For now, BioWare is "working like mad" to try and fix bugs, bring QoL improvements, as well as new content.

Bonus news: a stat screen is in the works! Eventually you will be able to see all of your javelin's statistics in one place.
Don't expect an update from BioWare this week, other than "there is no update", and quite possibly "we still support Anthem, here is what our leadership says".
Please take it easy on Jesse Anderson. What he will (not) share is 100% completely not up to him. Blame management. He has had his hands tied and pretty much told to "shut up".

Now for some good news: a loot re-design is also in the works, however we should not expect it "any time soon".

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