Wednesday, October 30, 2019

More "utility" items coming soon to Fallout 76. Expect an update to Fallout 1st to make it even more "attractive".

Another quick Fallout 76 update.

Fallout 1st subscriptions continue to exceed expectations, especially the 1 month sub statistics. They are now actively looking at changing the bonus outfit every few months to keep people interested. Those that subscribed for a year would get every outfit as it becomes available.

Bethesda is also looking at other ways to increase year long subscriptions. More "utility" items may be coming to Fallout 1st, as well as some sort of "subscriber rewards program", and a few ideas of additional "unique subscriber only benefits" are being tossed around.

Finally, more "utility" items are coming to the Atomic Shop. They are checking Reddit and "other communities" to see what people want, and will be trying to "fit it in".

Cross play was briefly brought up and shut down internally. It is very unlikely that it will happen. PC is the culprit here. A console only cross play idea was floating around, however my source does not know what became of it. I am told to not expect cross play of any kind unless the community really pushes for it, and even then - it is highly unlikely due to the work involved.

Fallout 76 will be missing its 2019 Steam debut, which was supposed to occur with the launch of Wastelanders. It is still coming to the platform, and will launch along side or shortly after Wastelanders.

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  1. Great read. It seems that they’re not learning with “utility items”. Anything about Wastelanders itself?

    1. I am told by multiple sources that it needs more polish, and that the delay is doing it a lot of good, as is the increased funding from these subscriptions. The people at Bethesda working on it are generally excited about being given more time, which is great.

      They are shooting for a February 2020 release, however the new funds may cause it to release early. I am also being told that they want to make Wastelanders even more ambitious than originally planned, which would delay it's release even further.

      Management wants a good Steam launch, and will be doing a sale around the Wastelanders patch. So in the end, it's all up to them. Right now a "new player experience revamp" is also being tossed around.

      All in all, delaying Wastelanders seems like a very good move on their end.

  2. Just wanted to say that I've appreciated your coverage of first so far. As someone who lurks around in the game's files sometime, there's recently been some stuff added that points towards there being a teaser quest of sorts for Wastelanders. Do you have any idea what the time frame of that releasing would be?

    1. There are quite a few pre-launch events planned, and more will most likely be added now that they got an influx of cash and pushed the release date back.

      Things were supposed to kick off about 2 weeks before Wastelanders. This can/will change depending on what else they decide to add.

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